Our values shape our culture and define the character of Ampush. They help guide our actions, interactions, and decisions, day in and day out.


Take Action and Own It

We succeed by staying nimble and taking smart risks without fear of failure. A little hustle goes a long way.

Pursue Rate of Change

We aspire to learn and improve every day. Increments of progress often compound into big results. Curiosity is our edge.


Make Clients Successful

Our standard is to delight. This requires constant listening, innovation, and going above and beyond to solve our clients’ most important problems.

Have Fun With It

We take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We seek out fun, appreciate quirkiness, and always encourage humor. Enjoy the journey.


Be Good, Move Fast.

Excellence is measured by the velocity, rigor, and quality of output. We praise those who achieve it and coach others to get there.

Tell it Like it is (Nicely)

Communication should be open, direct, and constructive at all times. No politics. Good feedback loops make us all better.


Do What’s Right

We carry out our business in good faith. Insist on what’s right and admit when you’re wrong. Integrity is non-negotiable.

Win as a Team

We value individual impact, but our best people are multipliers who make others better. Work hard and celebrate wins.


Invest Rather Than Spend

We are always thoughtful about how to invest. Every dollar is spent to grow the business or promote our values. Treat Ampush money like your own.

Be the Change

Progress happens when people take initiative to solve problems. We look for all team members to do this, regardless of tenure or title.