Why Choose a Managed Solution


You have choices when it comes to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest advertising. Here’s why a managed solution like Ampush’s beats in-house alternatives time after time.

Running campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is a difficult full-time job. For the cost of hiring one full-time headcount to run your in-feed advertising in-house, Ampush will provide you with an experienced team capable of getting the most out of your advertising dollars. We recruit them from the world’s best universities and companies. We hire the ones with the best quantitative, strategy, and engineering talent. We train them before we let them grab the reigns. They work with the industry’s best marketing software, the AMP Platform, to get you the results you need.

If you’re convinced and ready to get started, click here to get in touch with us. If you’re not convinced yet, your decision undoubtedly will be swayed based on an assessment of the solution that delivers the best overall return, including both costs and campaign performance. Let’s look at both.

If you run the numbers, you’re likely to find that you’ll spend as much, if not more money, on an in-house solution as you might save on fees.

Here are just a few costs you should consider:

  • Hiring and training hard-to-find, high-achieving media managers who can deliver winning, mobile-first strategy and execution
  • Accessing innovation and best practices specific to your vertical
  • Hiring a designer to manage bi-weekly ad creation and refreshes
  • Freelancer training fees and additional on-boarding time
For the cost of one-full time headcount at your company, Ampush gives you a team.

For the cost of one-full time headcount at your company, Ampush gives you a team.


The best way to minimize recruiting, training, and other costs is to choose a managed solution from the start.

By comparison, using a full-service ad buying partner like Ampush can save money. That’s because Ampush enables customers to:

  • Eliminate the challenges of staffing a capable team of media and design experts
  • Utilize the very best software and expertise without worrying about obsolescence or down-time
  • Bypass the learning curve of in-house ad operations
  • Significantly reduce the time demands of running effective ad campaigns

Ampush’s managed solution not only saves money, it also results in superior campaign performance.

We’ve got years of experience running in-feed, mobile-first, cross-device campaigns that perform. Here are just a few examples:

  • A leading financial services company achieved 122% of their benchmark rate for engagement on Facebook with Ampush. 
  • Ampush ad creative generated CTRs up to 3X the industry standard for a major U.S. consumer snack company.
  • A major role playing game (RPG) app had a 44% lower CPI than their in-house established benchmark.
  • By leveraging Ampush, an e-commerce company achieved 58% campaign ROI.

Lower costs. Better results. That’s what Ampush can deliver.


In short, we have the world’s best team and tech and will put them to work for you so you can focus on what you do best. Want to see why some of the world’s best marketing companies select Ampush? Click here to get in touch with us and schedule a consultation.