3 Tips for Using Video Creative in Mobile App Ads

3 Tips for Using Video Creative in Mobile App Ads

December 17, 2013

Mobile app ads – already considered one of the most effective ad products currently offered by Facebook – recently got an upgrade: Video.

Facebook delighted mobile advertisers and app developers this fall when it added the option to embed video in mobile app ads, a medium that has proved highly successful for reaching and engaging customers across digital media. Instead of being bound by a single image and text, ad makers can use video as a new and creative way to connect with users, simultaneously offering a more comprehensive demonstration of an app’s functionality and feel. This is a true win-win for both parties! Early users of the product are already seeing positive results, including increased install rates and decreased costs per install.

Struck by the immediate benefit of adding video to ads, our customers in the mobile gaming space came together with our expert team of media analysts to produce and test these ads via the AMP 2.0 platform. While results aren’t yet in, we wanted to share the tips we uncovered as we got started with video creative:

Get Noticed with an Eye-Catching Starter Image

The starter image is the first thing your viewer will see and will largely determine if they will engage with the ad. We recommend an opening image that is simple and engaging, and that veers away from being too sales-y – users want an experience, not a commercial.

Make Sure Your Creative Meets Specifications

It’s in the small print, but Facebook requires that videos fit the following specifications:

  • 15 seconds in length
  • No larger than 55 MB
  • Mp4 format

Most existing videos need to be tweaked to meet these standards, so be sure to allow yourself extra time to reformat videos from their original versions.

The Video is Important, But It Isn’t Everything

Even though the video is the focal point, the quality of the ad copy and the starter image will carry the most weight when it comes to engagement, and should be the focal points of testing efforts. Even better, if you have the time and money to create multiple videos, we recommend testing varied video content to gain valuable insight.

Continued refinements and improvements to this product can be expected as more brands jump on board and campaign data becomes available. Regardless, we think this is a great jumping off point for app makers interested in experimenting with video on Facebook.

Look for more insight and strategy pertaining to Facebook ads with video creative in the coming months!