4 Common Questions About Partnering With Ampush

4 Common Questions About Partnering With Ampush

By Kelly Lammerts • September 16, 2016

I help our vertical teams determine which brands are the best fit for Ampush and our managed solution approach. Along the way, I typically see four common questions about what partnering with Ampush entails. Here is an overview of what brands should know:


1. Is Ampush an agency? How is it different?

Ampush services our partners’ digital and mobile advertising efforts. Similar to an agency, we provide strategy, guidance, and can handle budgets for numerous platforms and ad campaigns. However, Ampush, as a fully managed solution, goes beyond the role of an agency.

Execution: For starters, we run your campaigns for you. Our signature tech + team approach matches every partner to a team of media analysts who manage campaigns on our AMP platform, a team director and strategist with expertise in their vertical, an in-house creative team, and a team of solutions engineers capable of crafting custom tech tools.

Full Funnel: Ampush manages campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, but also goes beyond these platforms to provide our partners with full funnel business solutions. These full funnel options include the entire user journey: landing pages, sign up flow and processes, search marketing, and even email!

Technology: Ampush manages the advertising campaigns of our partners via our AMP platform. We also build custom tech solutions to enhance campaign performance and reporting. These custom solutions can include cross-platform dashboards, bulk personalized ad creators, and data analysis tools for determining the LTV of customers or tracking a customer’s journey to conversion across numerous channels and interactions.


2. How will my business benefit from working with an official marketing partner?

Being an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest means Ampush has been recognized for being able to provide top-notch advertising software, services and performance. Official partners have demonstrated specialized expertise in advertising and marketing tactics tailored to each platform and are given early access to new ad products and features. This means our partners have both the competitive edge of early adoption and are always aware of the breaking changes on each platform. Working closely with the platforms and platform teams also means official partners like Ampush notice bugs and other issues right away. Finally, brands can feel confident that they are working with a “best in class” marketing entity. Official marketing partners must consistently demonstrate a technology enhancement, high-quality creative services, consulting ability, or a combination of these. Learn more about the benefits of official marketing partners, and Ampush’s qualifications.


3. What types of businesses are the best fit for Ampush’s approach?

Ampush’s most successful partnerships tend to have a few things in common. We specialize in large-scale, performance oriented campaigns on mobile. Our top focus is driving revenue for our partner’s business. This approach requires that we closely align on our partner’s business growth objectives and have a detailed understanding of our partner’s business model. Many of our most successful campaigns optimize for LTV (or pLTV), which helps us spend more efficiently and prioritize profitable customer acquisition.
Ampush is a great partner for brands that want to grow their business and improve their margins via sales, subscriptions, or high-quality user acquisition.


4. Who would my team be working with, and how will we work together?

Ampush is divided into teams specializing in campaign execution and strategies for specific industry verticals. Partners set performance goals with each division’s General Manager and Directors, all of whom are experts in mobile marketing and growth strategies for their verticals. Ampush leadership all have extensive strategy backgrounds to foster campaign innovation and revenue-driving strategy. Day to day, our partners work closely with an Ampush Vertical Lead, who oversees a team of 5-7 Media Analysts. The Vertical Lead will ensure your vision is being carried out 24/7 and are an excellent source of performance insights. Vertical Leads also provide partners with strategic guidance and campaign recommendations that level up to their business objectives. Our teams are in frequent contact with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platform teams to stay abreast of the latest ad products.

As an extension to this core team, Ampush also offers partners access to our in-house Creative Team for both creative strategy and production. We also provide the optimization services of our Solutions Engineering team, which can prepare bespoke technology integrations to help you close any gaps that stand between your business and performance on Facebook.

Our approach of specialized teams and tech allows us to deliver performance unlike anything our partners have been able to deliver on their own. We are singularly focused on our partners’ performance, something we take seriously because we see ourselves as an extension of their teams.