6 Creative Strategy Tips To Dramatically Enhance Mobile Marketing Campaigns

6 Creative Strategy Tips To Dramatically Enhance Mobile Marketing Campaigns

By Joyce Tabujara • November 18, 2015

You’ve got a great call to action and you know who your ad’s target audience is, but you still need one more key element to be successful:- a top notch creative imagery strategy. Ampush is one of the only marketing partners to offer a full service, in house creative team. We’ve mastered best practices for every publisher and ad product. Here are our top tips for crafting a creative strategy that dramatically boosts our partners’ campaign’s performance.



1. Use The Latest Ad Products

The most effective way to grab someone’s attention is to do something new or exciting. This can be accomplished by quickly adopting the latest ad products. Not only will viewers be delighted by the exciting new ad product, but your campaigns will also stand out from the crowd as an early adopter of a new style. Marketing partners such as Ampush have early access to the latest products created by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, so our Creative Team is always ready to hit the ground running once a new ad product becomes available.


2. Create Specific Ad Imagery For Each Audience Group

One message does not fit all! We create several iterations of each creative in order to make them highly applicable to its target audience. We can target your audiences by interest, age, location, sex, or any number of discernable characteristics, and each should be treated as its own campaign. This allows the identification of the type of creative that resonates most powerfully with each group.
As an example, in one recent e-commerce campaign, we found men preferred Tabletop-style creatives while women were more engaged by Lifestyle creatives.



3. Create Specific Ad Imagery, Period

We utilize as many specific, customized elements as possible. For example, we create ads for different locations, weather, seasons, or other elements to provide the most customized experience possible. You’ll see higher rates of engagement for ads that are more relevant to your target audiences. We cater ads to the customer’s stage in the buying cycle.
For example, someone who has already been to your site and viewed a pair of shoes should be shown an ad that encourages her to come back to your site and complete her purchase of those shoes, not a generic ad for children’s shoes.



4. Refresh Creative Assets Every One – Two Weeks

Today’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest users are logging on multiple times every day. Because of this, your creative assets could become repetitive or even annoying to your targeted audiences if they’re not refreshed regularly. Performing creative refreshes also allows us to isolate the most important variables that are driving success. What caused your audiences to react to your ad? Was it the color? The scenery? The model? Conclusions from creative refreshes can feed back into the overall creative strategy for a continuously optimized campaign.


5. Embrace Current Events

Nowadays, more Millennials get their news from Facebook and Twitter. We embrace current events in the campaigns we run to grab their interest and to have your ad blend in nicely with your audience’s newsfeed, a true native experience.


6. For Games or Entertainment, Showcase Action

We use video units to capture the most exciting or thrilling action sequences of your game, TV show, or movie. Video continues to increase in popularity amongst nearly all age groups and is quickly becoming a staple in newsfeeds. Here at Ampush, the Creative Team further enhances videos by adding zoom-in elements, dramatic slow-motion, and other video editing techniques to further optimize the video ad for mobile and native viewers.


If you’re an enterprise-level marketer and would like to take your campaign creative to another level, contact us at sales@ampush.com.



Joyce Tabujara is a Graphic Designer with Ampush’s in-house Creative Team. She has been helping Ampush’s partners run the most effective and exciting imagery since April 2015. A lot of her design inspiration stems from her geeky and artistic background. This ranges from playing instruments, drawing, playing video games to reading comics.