6 Strategic Implications of Instagram’s New Ad Offerings For Advertisers

6 Strategic Implications of Instagram’s New Ad Offerings For Advertisers

By Diana Mackie • September 9, 2015

Facebook’s announcement on Instagram’s new ad offerings, landscape ad format and 30-second video, for advertisers has significant strategic implications. At Ampush, our mission is to utilize every platform feature and insight to its fullest, so we tapped our deep bench of analysts to get their input on how each new feature can have the greatest impact. Read on to discover how Instagram’s landscape ad and 30-second video spots open up a new and exciting world of opportunity for the biggest advertisers.


Landscape Ad Format

Since the moment Instagram first released the landscape post feature, we know you’ve been itching to get one up and running for your brand. The new formats will bring so much more to your brand’s posts than just variety. They also mean great things for your overall mobile strategy (and budget) too!

1. Not only can you now save your creative team (and ours) some headaches by being able to use the same creative for Facebook and Instagram posts. You can now also create a single ad set for Facebook and Instagram to optimize delivery across the channels. This means advertisers now have unprecedented opportunity for day-to-day optimization across the two platforms.

2. Speaking of enhanced performance, our analysts are also particularly thrilled about the new A|B testing opportunities the landscape format brings. Advertisers can (and should) now test for performance of square vs. rectangle creative to find the best fit for their message, campaign goal, and audience.

3. Ampush has long been a promoter of innovation in advertising, and Instagram’s new landscape format is yet another opportunity to push the boundaries. Advertisers should never discount the power (and rewards) of being an early adopter of an exciting new ad product. Being one of the first to embrace the landscape Instagram style will not only let you stand out from other advertisers, but you’ll also stand out from most of the other posts on Instagram overall.


30 Second Instagram Videos

Your story-telling time on Instagram has just been doubled from 15 seconds to up to 30 seconds- what will you do next? Our in-house creative experts are simply overflowing with ideas. Advertisers can show more, delve into complex stories, and differentiate themselves like never before. Google has found that viewers of mobile video are far less distracted than TV viewers (because TV viewers are increasingly on mobile second screens anyway). Mobile video is a great choice for any campaign type, and Instagram’s longer video spots will only amplify this potential.

4. Our Ampush analysts enthusiastically point to the possibilities of A|B testing video length for a campaign by platform and audiences for increased optimization.  Testing can reveal the best video length for a single message, as well as the top performing combination of varied video lengths for several messages within a campaign.

5. Our analysts and creative teams agree that having additional video formats presents a particularly exciting retargeting opportunity. Once audiences have seen a longer video, they can be engaged with shorter follow-ups, or viewers can be tantalized by short preview videos leading up to a longer “reveal” video. Advertisers can now combine video lengths for a more interesting campaign strategy.

6. Having double the time to connect with your audience means you now have increased opportunities to feature variable content. Our analysts have found that when brands include text and video, or experiment with different video styles like slow-motion or stop-motion, their advertisements stand out and experience higher engagement rates.


The driving force behind Instagram’s new ad offerings is to help advertisers create better, more engaging ads. Use all the creative opportunities available to you to craft the perfect message and to achieve even greater campaign success.