7 Killer Tactics for Advertising on Facebook News Feed

June 12, 2013

Like many brands on Facebook today, you may be running ads on the platform but still hoping to see better engagement rates. Without being a “social media guru,” how can you increase your brand’s organic and viral reach? To help answer that question, here are seven killer tactics for advertising on Facebook News Feed:

1. Pay Attention to Placement

Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to reach exactly who they want. With all the new advertising options available, brand marketers will want to pay attention to the “Placements” feature, which enables advertisers to take any ad and select how it is delivered to the user – via Desktop News Feed, Mobile-Only News Feed, or both. By choosing one of these options, your ad will be seen only in the News Feed and not in the right-column. The best option is to choose to display your ad in both the Desktop and Mobile-Only News Feeds for maximum exposure.

2. Run a Fan Acquisition Campaign

Brands can increase the reach of their posts by running a fan acquisition campaign to acquire more Page Likes. Having more Page Likes, or fans, enables a brand to reach a larger audience size organically as all posts are first displayed to fans of the Page and friends of fans. Fan acquisition campaigns can utilize stories with the voice of a friend, or can use Page Like Ads in the News Feed.

3. Use Engaging Content

The most effective way to improve engagement rates for the brand is to use engaging content, primarily through the use of Page Posts. These ad types have high real estate value in the News Feed, especially Photo and Video Page Posts. Align creative copy with the interests of your audience and use granular targeting to improve engagement rates. To stay relevant, it is best to refresh your creative (image and text) at least every two weeks.

4. Customize Content

Brands can make use of Unpublished Page Posts – posts that don’t show on your Page’s timeline and only show in the chosen users’ News Feed – to create multiple variations of Page Posts without crowding their Facebook page. This allows advertisers to customize their posts for every audience. Use targeted copy and design creative for your audience.

5. Run Page Post Link Ads to Drive Off-Site Conversions

Pages Post Link Ads, including Unpublished Pages Posts mentioned above, can easily send users to the client’s website. On this external website, users can be instructed to fill out a form with preliminary personal information in order to be contacted later, to buy a product, to sign up for an email newsletter, or more.

6. Keep Text for Page Post Ads Short and Sweet

Posts using just 100 to 250 characters receive 60% more likes, comments, and shares. Users want to engage with posts that are simple and interesting and that quickly capture their attention. Rich, focused images also receive more engagement and assist with ad recollection.

Advertising-FB-NewsFeed-v01-09 (1)

7. Don’t Forget Mobile Users

With mobile Facebook advertising now receiving more mobile display advertising dollars than any other network or platform, brands need to create a mobile-optimized website and landing page for Facebook ads. To improve engagement with their target audience, brands should create ads designed for the mobile screen size and specifically targeted for the “News Feed (Mobile Only)” option.

In order for the brand to increase its organic and viral reach, it is important to build up a solid fan base through Likes acquisition. This is due in part to Facebook’s attempt to preserve user experience by not filling the News Feed with ads that do not contain social context.