AMP Scales Daily User Acquisition by 10X for Top Mobile Game

AMP Scales Daily User Acquisition by 10X for Top Mobile Game

May 20, 2014

GREE, a global leader in developing and publishing free-to-play mobile social games, turned to Ampush to launch their new mobile title, “Rage of the Immortals”.

GREE needed to quickly scale Rage of the Immortal’s user base in order to gain visibility and begin establishing an active and engaged community of gamers. By leveraging the AMP 2.0 Marketing Platform, Ampush was able to easily increase GREE’s user base in U.S. and international markets by 10X over a single weekend while meeting their cost-per-install benchmarks and capturing quality users.

Campaign Goal

GREE turned to the AMP 2.0 Marketing Platform for a fully-managed solution that could rapidly scale and grow the user base for their latest game, “Rage of the Immortals”.


  • The AMP Marketing Platform leveraged performance data from previous campaign tests to optimize the campaign from the start
  • Ampush used AMP to create, target and test thousands of Mobile App Install Ads in just three days time in order to reach the client’s aggressive spend goals
  • oCPM and CPA bidding were used to drive installs at a high volume with a secondary goal of keeping bid prices below the established CPI
  • Maintaining user quality remained a top priority despite the increased scale and volume of new user acquisition
  • Ads were targeted by geography, language, and age demographics to provide a tailored experience to the eight countries included in the campaign.
  • Expanding the targeting to new audience groups, including women, further improved AMP’s ability to scale the campaign


In just two days, Ampush scaled spend by 10X, boosting app installs through the roof while maintaining user quality. Although volume was prioritized over spend, Ampush was still able to reach a 44% lower CPI than the benchmark established.

Thanks to AMP and our agile team’s rapid testing of ads in order to find the right combination of copy, targeting, and bidding, the campaign consistently saw conversion rates of 10% or higher for installs.

Rage of the Immortals has quickly become one of the top Action Games in Google Play, and another welcomed success for GREE.