Ampush at MobileBeat 2014

Ampush at MobileBeat 2014

July 22, 2014

This year, Ampush was proud to be a part of MobileBeat 2014! We were excited to find out that  our co-founder and CMO, Chris Amos, was invited to speak as part of the ‘Mobile Re-engagement that drives revenues’ panel. Joining us, were panelists from Criteo, ActionX, Threadless and Carnival Mobile.

Left to right: Guy Horrocks (Carnival Mobile), Jason Morse (Criteo), Wilson Fong (Threadless), Evan Shwartz (ActionX), Chris Amos (Ampush)


Chris Amos, speaker at MobileBeat 2014

Chris Amos is excited to be a speaker at MobileBeat 2014


The Franciscan ballroom was packed full of spectators as our panel explored what it takes to create compelling mobile experiences, and how to re-engage users down the funnel. Panelists answered the following questions: What are some best practices for mobile re-engagement? What are some examples of mobile experiences that get users coming back? How do you re-engage an inactive user base?

Chris Amos on understanding your target audience for Mobile Reengagement.

Chris Amos on understanding your target audience for Mobile Re-engagement



A full-house at the Mobile Re-engagement breakout session

Take a look at a few of the key takeaways:

  • Whilst re-engaging on mobile, have a visually astounding creative and great customer segmentation
  • The more ways a brand can interact with a human, the more legitimate they are, and the more integrated they are with a user’s lifestyle
  • Cross-platform re-engagement is a great idea, and the most advanced brands are learning how to do it well, but it takes a great amount of data
  • A re-engagement campaign should be isolated from all others — and tied to a ROAS goal — on a platform like Facebook where you can track in-app events
  • Gaming, e-commerce and travel are good candidates for re-engagement campaigns
  • Look at cost with re-engagement campaigns vs. install campaigns and determine user LTV
  • Hyper-targeted messages are more effective, but must be cost effective
  • Be sure you don’t hurt yourself with a Facebook algorithm – Test it!

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year, don’t worry! Check out our Twitter feed for live event tweets + more photos like the one, below.


We hope to see you at the next VentureBeat event!