Ampush CEO’s VentureBeat Mobile Summit Presentation [VIDEO] & Our 4 Main Takeaways from the Event

Ampush CEO’s VentureBeat Mobile Summit Presentation [VIDEO] & Our 4 Main Takeaways from the Event

April 15, 2014

On Monday afternoon, our CEO, Jesse Pujji, and a few members of the Ampush team found themselves at beautiful Cavallo Point for VentureBeat’s annual Mobile Summit – an intimate event of top industry executives from the industry’s most notable companies. We were lucky enough to kick off the day with VentureBeat CEO, Matt Marshall, and HasOffers CEO, Peter Hamilton, in a fireside chat discussing, “How to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising when there’s no agreed Sheriff keeping the law?”

With so many great insights and bits of knowledge shared during today’s conversation, we wanted to share not only our takeaways, but also a video of the conversation so you can see and hear for yourself! Before watching the video, here are the moments that stood out most to us:

1. “Measurement is the circulatory system of the whole mobile ecosystem”

The ability to measure ad effectiveness is crucial to the mobile ad industry. As Jesse noted, “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Without attribution, Facebook’s business doesn’t work, Apple’s business doesn’t work.” As with any advertising, knowing how ad dollars affect the bottom line is crucial for gaining advertiser trust, and ultimately providing validation to continue spending.

2. Buyers & Sellers Need Unbiased Reconciliation

Both Peter and Jesse argued that measurement needs to fall into the hands of an unbiased third-party that can verify what the buyers are buying and the sellers are selling. Jesse compared the buying and selling or ads to any other industry, noting that if a seller wants a customer to spend more based on the quality of the product, the seller needs to be able to prove that what they’re selling is of that quality. Hamilton reiterated that advertisers need “someone who is nonpartisan, a pure tech play, who sits there and collects the numbers,” especially as ad sales grow to depend on deeper interactions in the app.

3. Apple is Getting Serious About Mobile Measurement

HasOffers’ recent discovery that Apple’s IDFA can now be used freely by advertisers to track users of the mobile OS led Jesse and the others to deem the tracking mechanism, “the closest we have to a ‘cookie’ on mobile.” This new feature is a big win for developers as it provides greater insight into ad ROI and performance, which can then be compared to other advertising channels.

4. Mobile Measurement Isn’t Broken, But it Has a Ways to Go

The effectiveness of mobile measurement is easy to question, as it is still relatively new compared to display and search. All parties agreed that there is clear room for improvement when it comes to measurement; however, all things considered, mobile measurement is pretty good considering its young age.

Check out Jesse’s full conversation with Peter Hamilton and Matt Marshall below, and follow @Ampush on Twitter for more live updates from the event!