Ampush Drives Performance for Three of the Top Ten Advertisers on Instagram

Ampush Drives Performance for Three of the Top Ten Advertisers on Instagram

By Matt Collins • November 10, 2015

Since Instagram first opened its platform to marketers via an API, Ampush has on-boarded 25 advertisers. Not surprisingly, given Ampush’s historical success with direct response, many of these partners have had downstream marketing objectives tied to measurable conversion outcomes. Early returns have been impressive, as many of our partners are meeting or exceeding their performance targets.

Recently, SensorTower published a list of the top advertisers by spend on Instagram from October 12 – 19.

Of the top 10, three are Ampush partners.

Because many of our partners insist on their anonymity when they work with us, we can’t tell you which of the 10 are in the Ampush camp. Still, we’re excited to see recognition for our collective efforts to select the best strategy, target at the right level of granularity, build and test ads that engage and convert, and optimize as we learn on Instagram.

If we were to assess the platform’s progress in baseball terms, we might say that Instagram is still in the bottom of the first inning. It has all the advantages of using Facebook’s infrastructure, but advertising in the context of Instagram’s unique community and creative aesthetic is still very much evolving. Given the early results our partners and we have achieved, though, we’re extremely bullish on its future.

In closing, it’s worth mentioning that Ampush also manages these top Instagram advertisers’ marketing on other top mobile-first platforms, including Facebook. If you’re an enterprise-grade marketer responsible for user acquisition or performance objectives and you’re eager to see what Instagram can do for you, or perhaps you’re concerned that you might not be getting the very best performance from your incumbent solution, we’d love to hear from you. Simply email to request a call.