Ampush Finds Custom Audiences from Websites Increases Conversion Rates Three-Fold [DATA]

Ampush Finds Custom Audiences from Websites Increases Conversion Rates Three-Fold [DATA]

February 11, 2014

Facebook retargeting campaigns run through the AMP 2.0 marketing platform are driving 3x higher conversion rates and 65% lower CPA than campaigns using Facebook’s other targeting tools.

Ampush recently leveraged Custom Audiences from websites for an online retailer’s customer acquisition campaign. The results significantly beat out past campaigns that leveraged Facebook’s other targeting options: Partner Categories, lookalike audiences, and native targeting.

Widely released late January, but in testing since October, Facebook now makes it easy for direct response advertisers to create Custom Audiences based upon the actions people take while visiting their site or mobile app, then retarget ads directly to these individuals encouraging them to return to the site and complete a purchase. Retargeting with Custom Audiences presents benefits not possible with FBX, most notably cross-platform retargeting.

Seeing that the e-commerce vertical could benefit greatly from the added ability to target desktop website visitors on mobile devices, and vice versa, Ampush used the AMP 2.0 platform to test the feature for an online retailer specializing in men’s grooming products.

Ampush’s in-house media strategists chose to use page post link and page post image ads, featuring two variations of creative, to be delivered via the desktop News Feed – the most effective location for e-commerce direct response campaigns. The campaign targeted strictly those in the Custom Audiences created from previous website visitors, and was not layered with any other targeting. Ampush strategically chose to exclude previous visitors that had already made a purchase, so to only target individuals most likely to return to the site complete a transaction.

To date, conversion rates have been 3x higher than previous campaigns that used other targeting types, including lookalike audiences, partner categories and Facebook native targeting. Click-Through Rates were 150% higher than previous campaigns and Cost Per Action was 65% lower than previous campaigns.

These early results show that retargeting ads to Custom Audiences of previous website visitors is a highly effective means to boosting conversions at a low price due to the audience’s heightened intent to purchase. We expect this will be the same with Custom Audiences from mobile apps.