How Ampush Grew Magazine Subscribers by 5.3X

How Ampush Grew Magazine Subscribers by 5.3X

By AC • September 13, 2016

Ampush has a great deal of experience working with digital media brands, from driving website traffic to paid user acquisition to mobile app downloads. Here’s a quick dive into how we were able to leverage our data-driven approach and industry expertise to increase the number of paid subscribers for top tier magazine brand.


Audience Strategy- Above and Beyond

Targeting: Ampush expanded our approach beyond just audiences who liked the magazine’s Facebook page and Lookalikes of those fans. To take things up a notch, Ampush added in nested Lookalikes to add volume, and tested out seed audiences based on demographic variables. Nested Lookalikes ensure there is no overlap between audiences as Lookalike audiences are scaled in size (e.g 1% of the population who resemble fans of the magazine’s Facebook page, then 5% of the population who resemble fans of the magazine’s Facebook page, excluding those already targeted in the 1% group).

Ampush Analysts went deep to explore the magazine’s target audience, utilizing Ampush’s Interest Graph tool to uncover overlapping interests. This data fed right back into audience targeting strategy testing to determine the most efficient way to reach Facebook users who are most likely to become paid subscribers of our media partner’s magazine (e.g. geo-targeting, demo-targeting, or interest-targeting).

User Experience: Ampush Analysts drive viewers to a landing page that mirrors the design and offer language of the Facebook ad to create a friction-less user experience. Ampush has performed numerous tests to determine the most effective way to display the various subscription plans, especially for mobile viewers.


Promotion Expertise

Ampush has ample experience running promotions, sales, and sprint campaigns for a wide variety of media brands. This allowed us to craft a tailored strategy to knock our partner’s holiday flash sale out of the park. In just 3 days we drove 17% of the total subscription volume for the quarter.

Sale pricing means an increase in the likelihood of conversion, which allows Ampush Analysts to expand and broaden their standard audience targeting efforts. Lookalike audiences can be expanded to include more potential readers and website audience targeting can encompass a wider time-frame. Sale periods also provide excellent opportunities to test creative strategy as the audience size from which performance data can be collected has increased dramatically. This means Ampush Analysts are able to quickly capture enough data to come to performance conclusions.

Sales present an immediate opportunity to drive user acquisition volume, but also increase the pool of converted leads. Having more converted users feeds back into core audience targeting strategy, making the overall campaign more cost-efficient by increasing our (and Facebook’s) data on what types of Facebook users are most likely to convert.