Ampush Integrates with Home Electronics & Auto Manufacturers to Turn Your Life into One Giant Ad

Ampush Integrates with Home Electronics & Auto Manufacturers to Turn Your Life into One Giant Ad

April 1, 2014

Ampush Integrates with Home Electronics & Auto Manufacturers to Turn Your Life into One Giant Ad

‘Advertising of Things’ will enable brands to target messages to customers based on their most intimate behaviors and deliver native ads through appliances, home electronics, and cars

San Francisco – April 1, 2014 – Ampush, a leading ad technology company and the first company to meld the two biggest trends of 2014, native advertising and the internet of things, today announced the company has integrated its AMP 2.0 Marketing Platform with leading home electronics manufacturers, automotive companies, and wearable technologies to bring advertising to Americans’ mundane, everyday activities. The integration will enable businesses to reach customers where they are largely under-served and most interested in seeing ads: when they’re relaxing, showering, cooking, driving, and sharing intimate moments with loved ones.

Using artificial authentic-identity mobile-first big data intelligence, brands will now be able to deliver highly relevant ads to customers via their home electronics, including toasters, refrigerators, smoke detectors, and dishwashers, cars, and wearable devices. Congruently, brands will be able to use customer data collected from these devices to hyper-target ads to people based on their past behavior.

Brands will now be able to know everything about their customers – the food in their fridge, which room they’re in at which hours of the day, how many hours of reality television they’ve watched, even how many times they’ve gone to the bathroom that day. Brands can then use this information to subtly tell customers exactly what they need and when in a native format.

For example, an individual that only slept 4 hours may notice that the toasted area of their bagel says “Lunesta,”, or, while getting into their car, the ignition resembles the jingle from a Folgers commercial. They’ll hardly even notice next time they are reaching in the fridge to grab ice cream and their refrigerator says, “You’ve already eaten 2,105 calories today! Try a healthy snack like Yoplait Yogurt, or join Weight Watchers for 50% off today only!”  plus, they’ll be ever grateful the brand has reached out to them in a time of need.

For a premium, advertisers will also have the option to take full control of customers’ homes, including adjusting the temperature and locking doors, or auto-setting car navigation destinations so customers never miss a weekend sale.

“The ‘advertising of things’ will help brands, customers, and their devices connect like never before, heck they’ll be like BFFs,” said Jesse Pujji, CEO and co-founder of Ampush. “Our research has proven that customers are all too eager to freely share their daily moments, no matter how mundane, on social networks and would have no problem sharing those details with the companies who want to know everything about them. This partnership will introduce exciting, novel ways for individuals to discover brands they’ll love during their day-to-day activities… and basically make The Brave Little Toaster a reality.”

Early tests have shown that native ads in everyday devices increase buyer intent 1,875,432,890%, are only not not noticeable 99% of the time, and are recommended by 4 out of 5 CMOs. Ampush will continue to work closely with brands, consumers, and manufacturers to lead the ‘advertising of things’ revolution and find new ways to make the world we live in one never-ending commercial.

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