Ampush Integrates With Instagram Ads API To Reach New Advertisers

Ampush Integrates With Instagram Ads API To Reach New Advertisers

By Zunail Meredia • August 3, 2015

If you’re an advertiser that is interested in Facebook and Instagram advertising that performs, we want to hear from you. That’s because we are proud to announce Ampush’s participation in the next phase of Instagram advertising.

As one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to integrate with the Instagram Ads API, Ampush is gaining learnings and establishing best-practices for a platform that promises to be a can’t-miss opportunity for advertisers.

The Ampush Advantage

Ampush distinguishes itself in a variety of ways.

  • Ampush is known for its first-class strategy, execution, and white glove service level, cutting-edge software, and a proven track record for performance. That means delivering optimal ROI for advertisers on in-feed, mobile-first advertising platforms.
  • As an existing Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest partner, Ampush has a breadth of experience that positions it for success on Instagram and is one of only a handful of companies that can formulate the right strategy and execution across all four of these world-class platforms.
  • Ampush’s in-house, full-service Creative Team is particularly well-suited to navigate the high standards Instagram requires. Instagram is a platform that champions beautiful imagery, a passionate community, and highly curated environment, not to mention an approach that will require modifying an advertiser’s Facebook strategy. Ampush possesses the know-how and tools marketers need to build creative that performs.

Why Ampush is excited about Instagram (and why advertisers should be, too)

Quite simply, we’re excited because Instagram combines scale with high levels of engagement.

  • Instagram has 300+ million MAUs, a number that offers considerable reach for advertisers
  • People come to Instagram to connect with their interests and passions. These one-way relationships suggest Instagram users have a tendency to follow accounts that aren’t personal connections (i.e. influencers, brands, and businesses).
  • Instagram is a preferred platform for members of the Gen Z and Millennial cohorts.


Instagram previously offered advertisers direct ad buys for branding-focused objectives, but it wasn’t until recently that Instagram began to open up the Instagram Ads API. This has yielded a breadth of options for advertisers.

Instagram now supports both branding objectives and direct-response objectives (Website Conversion Ads and Mobile App Install Ads) via its API. Each of these ad formats are also supported by interest-based, custom-audience, and lookalike targeting options, just like the kind you would find on Facebook.

In fact, with the benefit of Facebook’s experience, Instagram should make it easier for advertisers to deploy, optimize, scale and measure their campaigns.

For all these reasons, Ampush believes that marketers should definitely consider adding Instagram to their online marketing plans. If you’re interested in learning more about how Ampush can help you perform on Instagram, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, we’d love to hear from you. Simply click here to get started.