Ampush Ranks #61 On 2015 Inc. 5000

Ampush Ranks #61 On 2015 Inc. 5000

By Diana Mackie • August 12, 2015

Being ranked as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the Inc 500 list is an exhilarating honor, and it is one we wholeheartedly share with our customers. That’s because our success and growth is fundamentally linked to the success and growth of our customers.  Here at Ampush we are entirely self-funded, which means that we succeed only when our customers succeed. We grow only when they grow.

To us, this award therefore represents all the success our mobile-first campaigns have achieved with and on behalf of our customers.

As is evident by our top 10 ranking in the Software category (if Ampush could have been considered for two categories, we would have also been top 10 in the Marketing/Advertising category), our customers’  campaigns consistently have achieved their goals and surpassed expectations. The ranking also shows that we’ve had a large impact in a short amount of time. This, in turn, is a reflection of just how much things have changed for marketers. Mobile campaigns that scale and perform to this degree were simply unimaginable 10 or even five years ago. Today, though, we have the software, team, and preferred access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to make superb performance attainable for customers in just about any industry.

Not only are we proud of our customer success stories, but we also take pride in the dedicated Ampush team members who make each and every campaign’s standout achievement their focus. This ranking is for them, too!

Whether it’s the data analyzers, constantly on the lookout for opportunities to scale a customer’s campaign or initiative, or the designers who craft top-of-the-line ads that maximize a campaign’s potential to capture the attention of viewers, everyone at Ampush has their eyes on our customers’ success. Or, as we like to put it, we all seek a way for them that’s  “up and to the right.”
As significant as mobile advertising on these platforms has become, we see a great deal more potential for our customers, and will continue to scale our efforts. While we celebrate this milestone, we know it’s only the start of many more good things to come


Ampush Ranking Summary:
61st fastest growing company overall
4th fastest growing software company

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