Ampush Receives First-Ever Outside Investment via Strategic Partnership with Red Ventures

Ampush Receives First-Ever Outside Investment via Strategic Partnership with Red Ventures

By Jesse Pujji, Nick Shah and Chris Amos • October 20, 2015

Soon after Ampush started advertising on Facebook, we had what seemed to many to be a crazy idea: we believed that the services people have come to know as “social media” would really take off as mobile advertising platforms.

We also built Ampush on decidedly non-crazy values we knew would always matter to clients. Help them perform. Deliver new insights about their consumers. Make it convenient.

After six years, we have built a business we’re awfully proud of. We’ve helped some of the world’s most amazing, mobile-first companies redefine their industries. We’ve forged deep partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We have hired nearly 150 fantastic Ampushers.

One thing unites us all here: we’re constantly looking for more ways to help our customers grow. It’s in this spirit that we are thrilled to announce that Red Ventures, a leader in performance marketing, has made a strategic investment of $15 million in our company. (You can check out the press release here.) We had offers from other investors, but as a self-funded company up to this point, we always saw our clients as our investors. We wanted to keep that perspective, and this partnership will allow us to do just that. In fact, it will enable our customers to grow in new and exciting ways.

We’ve known and admired the team at Red Ventures for several years. Headquartered just south of Charlotte, N.C., Red Ventures is a technology-driven marketing and sales company that optimizes the entire customer acquisition funnel – from demand generation to closing the sale – for some of the nation’s top brands. Operating across a variety of high-growth industries, including Home Services, Insurance, Energy, Financial Services and Software, Red Ventures uses advanced data analytics and proprietary technology to seamlessly connect customers with the products and services they need most.

We’re excited about this partnership for a few reasons.

  • Partnering with a leader: Red Ventures has been called “the greatest company you’ve never heard of.” The firm of about 2,700 employees specializes in customer acquisition and strategic partnership for 16 blue chip companies, which include AT&T, Verizon and DirecTV. Ampush has become a leader in native mobile customer acquisition and branded direct response marketing, so this is about two leaders coming together to do something big.
  • A shared philosophy: Both of our companies share a common DNA, e.g. an orientation towards performance and each bootstrapped our initial growth. While Red Ventures has built its own platform for customer acquisition, it was drawn to Ampush’s technology and team because of our mobile expertise, strong business model, array of impressive partners (Red Ventures calls its clients “partners,” and so from this point forward we’re doing the same), and access to the world’s best mobile ad platforms.
  • More value to our partners: Our complementary strengths will enable us to work together to help one another’s partners accelerate their growth. We’ll have more to share about this soon.

We’ve always had big ambitions for Ampush, but we never could have imagined an outcome like this: a business built on a passion for performance, a world-class team, and now a strategic partner with whom we can take performance to a whole new level.

Thanks to our partners, friends at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond, and most especially all our Ampushers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Jesse, Nick, and Chris