Ampush Selected for API Access to Pinterest’s New Advertising Platform, Becoming a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner

Ampush Selected for API Access to Pinterest’s New Advertising Platform, Becoming a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner

By Josh Van Lente • June 18, 2015

Here at Ampush, we are proud to proclaim a partnership with Pinterest.

While the alliteration is fun, it’s even more exciting to share the news that Ampush is one of the companies selected to have API access to the new Pinterest advertising platform.

Ampush is now one of only a very short list of companies with technology and capabilities officially recognized by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why was Ampush picked?

Pinterest selected Ampush for this prestigious distinction for a few notable reasons. First, Ampush has a proven history of success resulting from its industry-leading expertise and software that powers in-feed, mobile-first advertising on Facebook and Twitter. Ampush also has a reputation for delivering a high level of service and performance for our customers. This is why Pinterest has welcomed Ampush into its program with open arms.

Why is Ampush excited about Pinterest?

While Pinterest has offered a self-serve UI for advertising since mid 2014, this is the first time that they are allowing third party companies, such as Ampush, to access their API.

This follows an announcement by Pinterest at the beginning of this month about the integration of Buyable Pins the new “buyable pin” feature that will turn some of the more than 50 billion pins found on Pinterest into an online shopping opportunity.

Now consider the typical Pinterest user. The service boasts 70+ million users today according to comScore. Additionally, 32% of active Pinterest users have made an offline purchase influenced by the platform. Similarly, 30% of Pinterest users made online purchases after browsing Pinterest, nearly matching its offline performance. Half of Pinterest users agreed that the site helped them find products that they wanted to buy, and 75% said they had visited a retailer, brand, or media site after browsing Pinterest. (These stats come from a survey carried out by Millward Brown, some of which you can find here.)

The very nature of the Pinterest platform is ideal for product discovery and offers a synergistic relationship between users and advertisers.


Examples of Pinterest ads built and deployed by Ampush for Twice, a flagship Pinterest advertiser.

When it comes to the best pins, Ampush recommends content that is actually helpful to the user. People are searching on Pinterest for products or activities, or they may be planning for future events in their lives. They want to find things that will help them to achieve those goals. It is clear that if advertisers provide interesting content, users will happily engage with it.

For all these reasons, Pinterest is a natural fit for advertising.

Ampush will execute Pinterest advertising for customers that represent good candidates for Pinterest’s highly visual medium and core audience. We’ve already run campaigns with Twice and Madison Reed, and early feedback has been terrific. “We have been testing Pinterest ads with Ampush for a few months now with great results,” said Chris Luhur, Director of Marketing and Community at Twice. “Through both organic and paid initiatives, Pinterest has proven to be a great new customer acquisition channel for us. We are optimistic about future growth opportunities on the platform.” We look forward to sharing more results with you in the near future.


Madison Reed, another customer Ampush has helped market on Pinterest, promotes its “Healthy Hair = Beautiful Hair” campaign with these Pinterest ads.

For other businesses that are interested in adding Pinterest to their arsenal, we recommend getting started by creating a Pinterest account for your business and learning how to pin like a pro.

We’re truly excited to be a part of this new advertising program and to grow with Pinterest in the years to come! Read our official announcement – here.

Josh Van Lente is a founding member of Ampush Labs R&D, where he specializes in engineering unique solutions to make advertisers successful. Josh has a BS in Finance and Sustainability from San Diego State University and spends his time outside of work weightlifting and exploring with his beautiful wife.