Available Now: The Ampush State of Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2015

Available Now: The Ampush State of Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2015

By Marissa Cazem • July 29, 2015

The Q2 2015 Ampush benchmark report examining the state of mobile advertising is now available for download. This new report highlights data and insights from the campaigns that we run on behalf of our customers using the world’s best mobile-first, cross-device, advertising platforms. We take a look at the trends reflected in the data and then make actionable recommendations that marketers can use when considering their own mobile ad campaigns.*


Highlights from the Q2 benchmark report


Direct response campaigns accounted for nearly half of all mobile spend during this time period, up significantly from Q1 of this year. Additionally, among Ampush’s customers, more companies in more verticals have increased their spending, compared to prior quarters. We believe that’s because they recognize the power and efficiency of advertising on mobile-first, in-feed platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the increased adoption of mobile as a customer acquisition channel across all verticals caused mobile spend among Ampush customers to more than double year-over-year, and it increased by 28% quarter-over-quarter.


Here are just a few highlights from the report:

  • Quarter-over-quarter mobile spend growth is 26% for Facebook and 59% for Twitter; and the total spend on Facebook was approximately 10X greater than spend on Twitter.
  • There was a 22% quarter-over-quarter increase in CPM, 8% increase in CPC, and a 6% increase in CTR.
  • Direct response advertising accounted for 44% of total mobile spend in Q2, up from 27% in Q1.


The full report includes much more that should interest mobile, digital and performance marketers.


The Ampush Rx – Prescriptions for Campaign Success


In our full report we share our top five recommendations for advertisers. Below you can get a preview of two of them – hey, we can’t give them all away here!  You will need the full report to view all five in depth.


  1. Fresh Creative is Key Using a wide variety of original creative, along with frequent refreshes to the ad creative, is critical to maintaining momentum and cost efficiency in a saturated market.
  2. Embrace New Ad Products – In search of greater personalization and performance, successful advertisers are venturing beyond the traditional static image ad and delivering richer engagement via video, cinemagraphs, carousel ads, and dynamic product ads that feature their online product catalog.


Given the increase in new ad products and the complexity of these platforms, many advertisers recognize the advantages of a managed approach to advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. They know it’s the best way to free them to do what makes them great while leaving mobile-first, in-feed advertising to experts who have the best software and who recruit, hire and train professionals to run point on the strategy and execution they need to perform.


To learn more about the industry trends and recommendations identified by Ampush, download our Q2 2015 benchmark report now.


*Data in this report is specific to the advertisers and objectives represented in Ampush’s customer portfolio and should not be used as a proxy for spend or pricing trends on Facebook, Twitter, or the broader mobile advertising marketplace. Data in this report should not be compared to any prior or future publications due to the dynamic nature of the data set each period. For inquiries, please email research@ampush.com.