The Ampush Approach to B2B Facebook Strategy

The Ampush Approach to B2B Facebook Strategy

By Elad Mehl • September 9, 2016

Recent research tells us that 37% of Facebook users fall between the ages of 30-49, a sizable audience of individuals who are likely decision makers at their jobs. B2B advertising on Facebook has been growing lately, and with good reason! Read on to see how Ampush has mastered B2B Facebook strategy for our partners.

Phase One: Audience Targeting

Ampush Analysts approach audience targeting strategy differently for our B2B partners. We cultivate target audiences via job industries, job roles, offline actions (such as purchasing other business software or services), actions taken on our partner’s website, and of course, look-alikes off various segments of our partner’s current customers. These audiences are highly targeted, effective, but at times can be small (excluding the look-alikes).

To help our nation-wide partners achieve the scale they desire, Ampush Analysts also deploy geo-targeting strategies aimed at major cities with large numbers of savvy business professionals or business owners (particularly when targeting by industry).

Ampush’s geo-targeting tactic typically yields higher volume for lower CPMS and ultimately lower CPAs as well. Job title and industry targeting provides highly valuable insight into which audiences or industries resonate most with our partner’s product or service. While contributing additional lead volume, these insights can feed directly into the geo-targeting approach.

Ampush Analysts optimize ROAS for our partners by deploying a “phase 2” approach, after establishing target audiences such as the above groups.

Phase Two: Smart Bidding

The next step in Ampush’s approach to B2B Facebook strategy is strategic bidding. Once Ampush establishes the various tiers of likelihood of conversion for our partner’s audience groups (from previous testing or previous campaigns featuring those target audiences) Analysts can switch the bid technique to improve/lower CPA.

Ampush Analysts can switch the bid type to CPC for top tier, most likely to convert audience groups to significantly lower upfront costs.

Ampush Analysts can also use Facebook’s optimized “oCPM” bid system for large audiences.For groups with ample reach, Ampush Analysts let Facebook optimize for the final conversion: purchase. This leads Facebook’s algorithm to operate in an especially efficient manner, only serving the ad to audiences highly likely to convert and thereby improving efficiency.