Behind the Scenes at #AppsOnTap

Behind the Scenes at #AppsOnTap

July 22, 2014

What an exciting day at Twitter’s #AppsOnTap launch event! We’ve got an inside look with exclusive access to the event. Check out our recap!

Lyft dishes about Twitter’s MAP beta success

Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion (MAP) product suite provides advertisers with a new way to find high-value app users in the most effective and targeted way possible. Beta advertising partners dish about the strong results they’ve seen across multiple campaigns. “During the mobile app promotion beta, our clients have been able to reach Twitter’s highly engaged audience to drive a large volume of cost-effective downloads,” says Twitter.

And the best part? Twitter is proud to now offer their suite of MAP products to advertisers all over the globe! Take a look at a few of our live event tweets.


Ampush was a hit at the partner showcase! Our booth was surrounded by other partners, clients, and curious technologists from all over the world. It’s safe to say… there was no problem in gathering a crowd for our exclusive MAP demo. Check out a couple of our snaps, below!

photo (7)

Global attendees at Twitter’s partner showcase


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Jesse Pujji (Co-founder & CEO) and Stewart Kuhlo (Director of Business Partnerships)

We’re positive that Twitter is going to make a phenomenal partner. Just see what our CEO, Jesse Pujji, has to say:

“The Twitter Mobile App Promotion product launch marks another important step in Ampush’s evolution as the go-to partner for businesses looking to achieve mobile and direct response objectives, including customer acquisition, app installs, and website & in-app conversions, on mobile platforms. We are excited to work with Twitter and offer new ways for marketers and developers to drive mobile app installs and app engagements on a platform that provides high ROI for marketers, and a great experience for users!” — To see our full announcement of the Mobile App Promotion launch, click here.

We were so happy to be a part of the #AppsOnTap launch event, and can’t wait for more exciting news to come!