Ampush’s Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

Ampush’s Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

By Ampush Media & Entertainment Team, Ampush Gaming Team, and Ampush Ecomm Team • August 30, 2016

Users are watching more videos on Facebook each day: there are more than 8 billion video views each day on the platform (up from 1 billion a year ago). Ampush has been leveraging this rich story-telling format since 2014 and has learned a thing or two about what types of videos, and specific video elements drive the strongest performance for each vertical. Read on to see how Ampush Analysts leverage their platform expertise to run Facebook Video Ads that drive performance and revenue for our partners.


Retail & Ecomm Video Ads

For our campaigns focused on driving purchases and subscriptions, we’ve found that video inspires consumer confidence. A product being used, handled, taken apart, or otherwise interacted with in a video overcomes a common hesitation that a static image could be staged or photoshopped to appear better than reality.

User generated video content takes this approach one step further. Ampush Analysts, along with our In-House Creative Team, craft video ads by enhancing authentic user generated content with narrative and call to actions. Ampush Analysts have found this method to be particularly impactful when a brand does not already command high levels of brand awareness.

Ampush Analysts employ text overlays featuring the key value prop(s) as most videos on Facebook are watched without sound. For our Retail & Ecomm partners, value prop text works better than exact audio captions.


Media & Entertainment Video Ads

Ampush Analysts have found that video ads draw users in and showcase app functionality in a way that surpasses other ad products. Facebook Video Ads also allow our partners’ content to come alive, and engage the viewer in a new and exciting way!

For applicable partners, showcasing their celebrity or popular content via video drives more engagement and conversions than static or carousel images. Facebook users have a well known, strong affinity for celebrity content.

Ampush Analysts found that for our Entertainment and Media brands, 15-20 second videos did best. Including clear CTAs and branding elements allowed analysts to lower the cost of acquiring a customer by making it more likely each ad viewer who clicked was well-informed of what they were initiating and had high user intent.


Mobile Gaming Video Ads

Ampush has found that Facebook Video Ads featuring gameplay drive efficient conversions at scale for action and strategy mobile games. Ampush’s In-House creative team takes clips from actual gameplay and applies additional stylistic elements such as zoom and slow-motion to make the action sequence even more captivating and entertaining.

Ampush Analysts have found that large-scale campaigns can benefit from using a variety of ad products (such as static, video, and carousel), video ad performance is easier to to optimize if run out of it’s own ad set.

Ampush sees the highest engagement levels, and strongest conversion rates from including our mobile gaming partner’s game title in a prominent, eye-catching screen. We also see indications of improved success by including CTA text within the final seconds of mobile gaming video ads. Overall performance is strongest for gaming videos between 15 and 25 seconds long.