Why Brands Should Work With An Official Marketing Partner

Why Brands Should Work With An Official Marketing Partner

By Diana Mackie • May 30, 2016

Being an official marketing partner with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest means Ampush has been recognized for being able to provide top-notch advertising software, services and performance. Official partners have specialized expertise in advertising and marketing tactics tailored to each platform. Our status as an official marketing partner of the major platforms benefits our partners in many ways. Marketing partners must consistently demonstrate a technology enhancement, high-quality creative services, consulting ability, or a combination of these.

Within the technology enhancement category, official partners, especially managed services like Ampush, must have developed their own technology that improves upon the reporting and campaign management features offered by the platform individually. The tools and softwares provided by official marketing partners have the demonstrated ability to enhance campaigns via reporting ability, insights, scale, and control. Official partners within this category also must demonstrate their technology’s ability to optimize ongoing campaign performance via additional insights or by automatic, responsive bidding tactics. Top notch partners in this category ensure 24/7 operations and enhancements for your campaigns, as Ampush does with our AMP platform.

The second category for official marketing partner status relates to creative services. Official partners must be capable of developing new, original assets, assist with image curation or management, or posses proven creative strategy expertise specific to each platform. Ampush has an in-house Creative Team which fits all of these criteria.

The third category that can earn a marketing service official partner status is their ability to provide consultation services. Ampush’s extensive platform experience spans media buying best practices, knowledge of mobile and digital trends across numerous industries, mastery of platform features, and the ability to keep pace with the rapidly evolving offerings of each platform. Ampush provides strategic guidance on individual campaigns and overall user acquisition strategy.

Additionally, official marketing partners such as Ampush can offer brands insight into marketplace trends as they note them across their portfolio, in real time. Official partners are granted early access to ad products and features as well as given access to the platform’s own team to collaborate on strategy and platform capabilities. Many official partners have developed industry-specific expertise over the years. Official marketing partners also have the ability to identify platform abnormalities and can immediately escalate the matter directly to the platforms, saving brands from lapses in performance due to bugs or tech failures. Having official marketing partner status enables us to advocate for support, new services, and features that can help our partners grow.