How Carousel Ads Can Drive Performance for Mobile Apps

How Carousel Ads Can Drive Performance for Mobile Apps

By Matrica Berg • March 16, 2016

Most marketers think e-commerce and retail when they hear mentions of Facebook’s Carousel Ads, but this creative unit can actually drive excellent performance for your mobile app advertising campaigns as well!


Carousel Ads Convey Messages Visually (& Impactfully)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that matters quite a lot when it comes to Facebook posts and ads. Facebook users prefer images and video to text-heavy posts. We use Carousel Ads to describe our partner’s Financial Services app, the ease of use and signing up, and various actions available through the app using pictures. These pictorial representations can easily be told in story or sequential form using Facebook Carousel Ads. Conveying a message with images instead of paragraphs of text is especially important top savvy brands because 47% of Facebook users only access the platform via a mobile device, where less text is visible than a desktop post.

Carousel Ads Are Four Ads in One

We utilized Carousel Ads to maximize the appeal of a single ad by using the four image options to convey several value propositions or features at once. The multi-image capability effectively enabled us to run four ads as a single unit and made the collective “sell” to the viewer much more powerful (image being given 40 seconds to sell your mobile app instead of 10!).

Carousel Ads highlighting numerous product features typically yield more engagement and higher CTR than static ads highlighting single product features.

Carousel Ads Assist Your Audience Strategy

Not only is this multi-image capability is great for showcasing numerous app screenshots or highlighting several different benefits of the app, but also for allowing top brands to adjust their mobile app advertising campaign strategy.

For a Financial Services app, Ampush analysts recommended Facebook Carousel Ads in their ad product mix to allow us to combine different targeting groups into one, larger audience. The multi-image aspect of Carousel Ads allowed us to include creatives that appealed to each of the different audiences individually into a single ad. This approach also gave us the added benefit of appealing to members of the combined audience group who had overlapping interests, or interest in several of the different options.

Combining the unique audience groups into one larger group, allowed for improved budgeting efficiency and actually yielded a 7% decrease in the cost per sign up. As the return on ad spend improved, Ampush analysts were able to quickly scale the reach and size of the campaign, helping us grow revenue for the Financial Services partner sooner rather than later.