Consistent Ad Units: A Win for Facebook Advertisers

Consistent Ad Units: A Win for Facebook Advertisers

September 24, 2013

Facebook continues to move forward with its ads simplification initiative, impressing advertisers with better performance, more predictable buying, and increased user engagement. It launched its first pillar of the initiative – simplified ad types – earlier this summer. The second pillar rolled out September 10th, further streamlining marketing by providing consistency across ad units.

What does consistency across ad units mean? Each ad unit has been improved with bold visuals that are consistent across ad placements. The three most important upcoming changes for advertisers to take advantage of are:

1. Larger Images
A picture is worth a thousand words. Larger images drive more engagement and better performance, and provide advertisers with a more ample canvas to exhibit their brand and products. In order to take advantage of these new ad formats, advertisers should submit images that are high-quality and at least 1200 pixels wide. Page post link ads now feature a 3.5X larger image than the existing design on desktop, and users can click on the entire image or text box to be led directly to the advertiser’s website. This new design is optimized to attract more customers to the link offsite and drive better business results!

2. Same Aspect Ratio across Mobile and Desktop News Feed
With this recent update, Facebook redesigned ads to have the same aspect ratio (between height and width) across both mobile and desktop News Feed placements. This means advertisers will be able to set up a single campaign that works across all devices, making ad creation simpler and giving advertisers more predictability and control in how ads look. For example, now the image for an Offers ad seen in News Feed mobile will match the ad image in News Feed desktop. The image size, the content, and the linking URL will all be consistent whether it is viewed on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

3. Simplified Ad Elements
Facebook has reduced the complexity of other ad elements, including clear instructions for optimal character counts and the standardization of text truncation rules. Additionally, the new design of Page post link ads will now mirror domain ads, providing advertisers with the ability to create just one ad to drive users offsite.

The variety of improvements to Facebook ad formats should drive more consistency and better performance for advertisers. These changes will benefit both paid and organic stories. With consistent elements appearing in each placement – message, media, and post details – the comparable designs across different platforms should reduce complexity in Facebook products, providing better results for advertisers.