Creative Best Practices for a Home-Run Ad

Creative Best Practices for a Home-Run Ad

By Diana Mackie • February 5, 2016

Want to hit your next Facebook or Twitter ad campaign out of the park? Choosing the right platform, placement, and targeting are all important, but killer visuals and copy are the x-factors that will make your ad stand out from the crowd and reach optimal performance. Below we’ll outline a few of our tried, tested, and true creative best practices for mobile app install campaigns, e-commerce brands. and travel brands.


Images should have a single central focus point

This can be a CTA, a bold color, or your product. Use Carousel ads to feature numerous focus points, but still feature only one focus point per Carousel image.

Mobile Apps: Make sure you follow this rule when featuring in-app experience screenshots. Either one dramatic instance of gameplay, one bold and attractive product listing, or one clear stage of a process (i.e. money transfers, flight bookings, or messaging).

E-Commerce: When including more than one person, make sure both are engaged in such a way that you maintain a single focus point. Have both models interact with a third, focal point element, or style their poses so that one of the models is clearly the bigger focus (dress and styling is another way to emphasize one model over the other). The same rules apply for e-commerce brands featuring products in equal quantity, i.g. 2, 4, 6, etc.

Travel: We’ve found that aspirational photos of attractive scenes out-perform models or text ads. Top performing imagery includes relaxing tropical settings, luxurious hotel rooms, or exciting nightlight scenes. Use a text-overlay CTA to maintain a single focus point amongst complex imagery.



Relevancy improves performance

Even if your copy is compelling and your visually of a high quality, customized or personalized images will drive superior engagement. Images can be tailored to your audiences via their location, interests, demographic data, or relationship to your brand (such as recognizing them as a past customer or a fan of your page).

Mobile Apps: Tailor your app imagery to the type of device they use. Show your app on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or other specific device.  Use a CTA that references their app store of choice as well!

E-commerce: Cater your ads to the customer’s stage in the buying cycle. Begin with branding images, then move on to DPA units showcasing products they viewed on your website. E-commerce brands have a wonderful opportunity to target customers by geo-location, weather or seasonal conditions, or interest targeting (moms, husbands, or even hockey fans).

Travel: Use copy and images specific to the customers’ current location, hometown, or weather conditions (“escape winter”). Match your imagery to the scenery or skyline of the destination you’re promoting instead of generic hotel or beach shots.


For our full suite of creative best practices to attract customers, gain their interest, generate demand, and provoke action with your ads, download our Ampush Creative Strategy Guide!

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