Ampush Extends Peak Performance with Creative Refreshes

Ampush Extends Peak Performance with Creative Refreshes

By Anna Parmelee • August 28, 2016

Facebook users spend an average of 20+ minutes on Facebook each day and are scrolling through content faster than ever – Facebook says teens consume content two and a half times faster than people in their 60s. This data tells us that posts get “old” quite fast. How can top brands combat increasingly short shelf lives? Ampush keeps engagement sky-high for our partners via a creative refresh strategy. Read on to learn what it is and how it works!


Keep it Fresh

Typical ad performance follows a classic bell curve – ads gain traction, reach peak performance, and then decline, offering diminishing returns on your ad spend. While we use proprietary Ampush technology to ensure that ads are deprecated as their performance declines, we need to also need to implement a strategy to maintain and improve campaign efficiency. To keep performance at an elevated level throughout the campaign, Ampush updates our partners’ ad creative every few weeks, depending on the ad type (video, static, carousel, or others) and campaign objective (offsite conversion, MAI, branding). While TV ads and display units may remain constant for months, Facebook’s newsfeed is much more dynamic, updating with new, fresh content every minute. In this environment, our creative refresh strategy prevents viewers from “ad blindness”, when they skim over your ad because they’ve “been there, seen that”.

Recent Ampush testing determined that employing a creative refresh can offset a campaign’s performance decline by several weeks. Ampush Analysts testing found that CTRs peak, hold steady at their peak, and then decline at different rates depending on ad type and ad objective. By introducing fresh creative, we can combat the decline in performance of one ad with the rise of another in order to efficiently scale while maintaining or even improving performance.


Offsite Conversion Campaigns

PerformanceStatic ImagesVideoMPA
Days to reach max CTR w/o Creative Refresh6-9 days10-16 days3-4 days
Time at max CTR~1 day~4 days~4 days
Day to reach bottom CTR7-10 days15-20 days6-8 days

Ampush Analysts use data like this to determine a custom creative refresh schedule for each of our partners. In the above categories, “Day to reach bottom CTR” represents when an ad’s flight would naturally reach the tail end of performance due to low levels of delivery from creative fatigue – this is when Ampush optimization tools automatically turn off an ad. By employing a creative refresh strategy, we can extend the time period a campaign spends at max CTRs and the time period until bottom CTR is reached, thereby extending the life of the campaign.

Ampush Bonus Tip: For brands targeting small, high-seed audiences, creative refreshes are of even greater importance. It can become all too easy to saturate small audiences, leading to ad blindness among an efficient, high-converting group. With frequent refreshes you can ensure that you reach these users with fresh, eye-catching content that will guide them through the user flow to your objective.

ROI from Keeping it Fresh

During a recent campaign for one of our media partners, static images were updated every 3-4 days to maintain peak performance over the course of the campaign. By doing so, Ampush was able to increase the number of orders driven by 2.5x. The number of newspaper subscriptions driven by extending the campaign’s lifetime represented 72% of total order volume.

By introducing new creative, we can leverage the higher engagement rates that lead to more efficient ad delivery. This contributes to a strong ROI on an ad by ad basis, which adds up to significant ROAS improvements. Frequent creative refreshes also mitigate the effect of “down time” for a new ad, aka the less than optimal efficiency period while the ad gains traction in auction . Essentially we are able to “overlap” multiple bell curves so that campaign performance stays constant even as creatives are introduced and deprecated, removing a source of volatility and thus making campaign performance more stable and efficient. In other words, more time spent at max efficiency means more bang for our partner’s buck!

Ampush’s creative refresh strategy for our media partner saw an estimated ROAS increase of 2.5x


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