Creative Strategies for Travel Season

Creative Strategies for Travel Season

By Ampush Creative Team • June 12, 2016

With the recent release of Facebook’s DPA ads for travel brands, it’s clear that travel advertisers are ready to up their Facebook advertising game. As it’s now peak travel season, we wanted to share a few of our top creative strategies for making the most of the travel season for our partners.


Find Your Beach

Just like the popular Corona tagline, every person has their own idea of the perfect vacation. Ampush Analysts segment out audience groups to identify which copy and creative resonates most powerful (and drives the greatest number of conversions)- the opposite of a one size fits all approach. The Ampush Creative Team works closely with our partner’s team of Ampush Analysts to translate already identified customer groups (e.g. “adventurous traveler” or “weekend warrior”) into audience targeting variables. For example, moms in Idaho may identify more with a relaxing beach vacation ad while a California woman who recently graduated college may prefer ads featuring a beach hike or jet skiing at the beach. The resort may offer both settings and we can capture both customers. Did you know Ampush Analysts can group audiences by their flight route, frequency of purchase, frequent flier milestones, hotel reward status, lifetime value (tiered out from low to high), and other proprietary data, then customize campaigns for each segment?


Try Something New

For some partners, the most effective strategy is to target their offering to audiences who might find it new and novel, using interest or geo filters. Carousel and Video Ads can quickly bring the viewer up to speed in terms of discovering our partner’s brand or offering, and are also great for capturing the air of excitement and adventure that comes from trying something new. We’ve also seen boosts in ad performance by using the audience’s specific geo info, e.g. “Get out of Boulder this summer”.

Ampush also advises our partners to target travelers currently visiting a city with local entertainment or shopping options. Our ads grab their attention by featuring dramatic scenery of the city they’re currently visiting, or by using bold text call outs such as “Make the Most of A Dallas Summer Night”.


The Power of a Good Prize

Fun promotional contests featuring a vacation price are an excellent  strategy for travel and non-travel brands alike. We’ve noted that contests featuring vacation prizes typically outperform other prize types, signaling a strong interest in free or discounted vacation opportunities amongst Facebook audiences.


Focus on Your App

Mobile device users prefer to make travel purchases in apps. In addition to creative imagery featuring vacation images, the Ampush Creative team also advises our partners to include video creative and images of people using the travel app to drive installs. Working with Ampush Media Analysts, ads can feature ‘Book Now’ or ‘Learn More’ about an offer CTAs that deep link to a conversion page within the app. The fewer clicks for your customers, the better! Recently, Mobile App Install Ads to drove 34% more downloads at a 19% lower CPI for one of our partners who produces a last-minute travel booking app.


Learn more tips for reaching travelers on Facebook by downloading our Travel Advertising Strategy Guide!

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