Combining the Powers of Facebook & Instagram to Drive Website Traffic

Combining the Powers of Facebook & Instagram to Drive Website Traffic

By Anna Parmelee • May 20, 2016

This week’s featured case study examines how Ampush helped a prominent newspaper publisher boost engagement with their digital news content by running cross-platform marketing across both Facebook and Instagram.

Our partner was looking to leverage their mobile-friendly news app in order to drive traffic to high-quality news content and to increase app installs. The partner also wanted to ensure a high-quality user experience. was Important to their goals was

To drive conversions and improve each user’s experience, Ampush developed two user journeys, as well as seven unique audience segments, to match the right content and ad to the right audience. By strategically tailoring advertisements to users based on prior engagement with content or their process through the sales funnel, we helped our partner increase engagement across both subscribers and non-subscribers of the newspaper. Thanks to Ampush’s cross-platform expertise, we not only make sure that efforts on both platforms complemented each other, but also worked together to drive stronger performance.

To see how our mobile-first strategy and cross-platform expertise helped our media brand partner increase engagement and improve efficiency, download our Article Engagement on Instagram & Facebook case study!