Cutting Edge Creative Best Practices for Performance MAI Ads

Cutting Edge Creative Best Practices for Performance MAI Ads

By Catherine Mazzocchi • October 24, 2016

As more brands embrace the app medium and Facebook continues to release new app install ad product features, Ampush’s Creative Team has seen increased questions from our partners on the latest creative best practices for their performance-focused Mobile App Install ads. At Ampush, campaign managers (Media Analysts) work closely with Ampush’s in-house Creative Team to determine a creative strategy based on the KPIs of our partner’s ads. The Creative Team rapidly produces iterations of top performing MAI ads to hone in on the variables that have the greatest impact on performance to make sure we’re directing our partner’s creative strategy correctly. Below is a quick look at some of the top creative suggestions we give to ecomm partners at the outset:


Ampush Creative Team’s Top Eleven Tips:

1. Multi screens of Carousel Ads help convey value prop and app usage (such as the steps to complete the app’s primary value prop or getting set up on the app). Ampush Analysts recommend A|B testing Slideshow videos against Carousel units for each of your major age groups. Ampush also advises our partners to consider a sequenced advertising approach for showing general app features, then moving on to more detailed, niche app features.


2. Ampush’s Creative Team advises our ecomm app partners to play with the gaze of their models. A well-known research study loved by marketers everywhere found that having the human “look” at the ad text greatly increased the likelihood of people looking directly at the ad text.


3. Ampush helps our partners use the multiple screens of Carousel Ads to address numerous audiences at once.This allows for targeting groups to be combined to increase efficiency while still offering a tailored, customized message to the viewers. This strategy reduced the Cost per Sign Up by nearly 10% for one partner and provided enough volume to scale their campaign by 25%.


4. Don’t try to appeal to too wide an audience though! Images that convey your unique selling proposition (USP) outperform ad creative showcasing your product or services more generally(a real estate app for dog owners vs a real estate app).


5. Ampush’s in-house Creative team works with our ecomm partners leveraging DPA units to feature images in “designed” settings (lifestyle or with graphic or colored backgrounds). Designed images increased ROAS for one ecomm brand by 31% over traditional product images with white background.


6. Ampush advises our ecomm app partners to highlight numerous “most popular” images via DPA, Carousel, or Slideshow units to effectively leverage your most impactful separate images as one ad. Can be top performing models, products, or overall creative.


7. Ampush’s Creative Team emphasizes using Images with the viewer’s feed in mind. Beautiful, high production value, scenic or otherwise styled shots look great within a user’s Facebook News Feed and capture a viewer’s attention. This strategy is a particularly great choice for the first ad in a sequenced campaign.


8. Ampush has found that Videos Ads are great for apps with a more involved value proposition or products that involve transformations. Ampush’s Creative Team takes video assets to the next level by applying stylized zoom, slow-mo, or rapid speed. Brands should A|B test different effect combinations to identify which appeal most to their audience.


9. Ampush’s Creative Team helps our partners get specific by creating individual ads for each of our ecomm partner’s most popular category, such as specific ads for shoes, tops, and jeans. Ampush Analysts always ensure our partner’s app engagement ads showcasing products or services of a particular category deep link to the corresponding section of the app for a better User Experience (even if an install is required at first).


10. Ampush helps our partners A|B test color schemes to understand which resonate most for each of their main target audiences. Examples include warm, cool, bright, or pastel color schemes. Once we’ve determined each audience’s preferred color palette, Ampush’s Creative Team keeps ads within that color range to boost immediate brand recognition and familiarity for our partners.


11. Ampush’s Creative Team is on hand to make sure our partners ads get as much ROAS as possible by avoiding common creative pitfalls and leveling up their imagery with our In-House created assets. First, Ampush’s Creative Team surveys the top popular brands and competitors in our partner’s app category. Then they craft ad designs and concepts that stand out.
As the number of advertisers has increased on Facebook, stock images have become more recognizable. With an in-house Creative Team available to all Ampush partners, our brands never need to use them! Even if fresh imagery is needed in a pinch, our Creative Team uses a graphic approach. Graphic images especially appeal to younger generations of Facebook users who love to browse memes.