Driving DR Performace with Canvas Ads

Driving DR Performace with Canvas Ads

By Ben Fontecchio • February 10, 2017

Since the debut of Canvas Ads in early 2016, many brands have leveraged this immersive ad unit to tell a deeper and more involved branding story. Here at Ampush, we do things a little differently. Our Media Analysts and Creative Team work side-by-side to experiment and A|B test DR Canvas Ads to develop designs and component combinations for Direct Response campaigns. Below is a look at one of our media brand Canvas Ads that drove more subscriptions than other newsfeed mobile ads:

Designing for Performance

Ampush Analysts and Designers combined several engaging Canvas components designed to draw viewers in, engage them, and ultimately convert them to paying customers. These include animated graphics, carousel photos, and tilt to pan.
To maximize the appeal of the media offering and to drive subscriptions, Ampush selected images to convey the breadth of topics covered by the media brand, a variety of uses (weekend leisure reading vs lunchtime industry reading), and the many formats in which the media brand can be read (e.g. mobile, computer, print).

We placed two CTAs driving to a landing page in the Canvas Ad. Both required the Canvas viewer to engage with the ad- either scrolling through numerous carousel images or completing the entire Canvas experience. We placed our second CTA at the end of a carousel to capture the most engaged and interactive viewers of the Canvas Ad.

The animations added by Ampush’s Creative Team were very successful in adding engaging visual elements to keep the Canvas viewer entertained as they scrolled throughout the multi-part DR Canvas Ad.


Direct Response Results

Across all ad campaigns, audiences viewed 50% of the Canvas Ad on average. The most time was spent viewing a video unit early on in the sequence, and most of the clicks came from the final Canvas ad component, a photo + CTA.

Ampush DR Canvas Ads designed for our media brand partner have a 58% higher link click-through-rate than benchmarks for their other ad units. Ampush’s Canvas Ads drive more efficient link clicks and subscriptions for both domestic and international audiences.

Our Canvas Ads have an 18% higher conversion rate (CR) than our media partner’s other ad types and yield 18% lower cost-per-signup (CPS) than non-Canvas ads.