The Latest eComm Best Practices for Pinterest

The Latest eComm Best Practices for Pinterest

By Ampush eComm Team • September 21, 2016

According to Mary Meeker’s recent Internet Trends report, 55% of internet users leverage Pinterest to find or shop for a product. Ampush Analysts conduct extensive testing to determine the latest ecomm best practices for Pinterest to help our partners connect with highly engaged shoppers. Read on to see how the Ampush eComm Team’s drives purchases for home decor and beauty brands on Pinterest.


Driving Purchases for a Home Decor Brand

Pinterest is an ideal platform for one of our home decor partners, as that’s one of the most popular categories on the platform. Given the high volume of pins within this popular category, Ampush Analysts use advanced Facebook targeting based on website traffic to hone in on the home decor pinners most likely to convert. Website audience targeting on Pinterest yields a conversion rate 27X higher than other targeting methods and a 37% lower CPA.

Within such a popular category, capturing the attention of engaged users remains a challenge. Ampush Analysts conduct frequent image tests to make sure our partner’s Pins are competitive within the visual makeup of a user’s homefeed and search feed. Recently, testing by Ampush Analysts to determine ecomm best practices for Pinterest revealed that images that emphasize home decor design outperform imagery that focuses on selling the product. Magazine-esque home decor shots had a CTR 18% higher than average posts and a 55% higher conversion rate. In one specific A|B test, adding a price overlay to an image resulted in an 18% lower conversion rate.

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Driving Purchases for a Beauty Subscription Service

Ampush has been able to efficiently drive increased purchases for one beauty ecomm partner by using a creative design that appeals to numerous likely consumers. One ad image features dozens of different hair types, increasing the likelihood of any given viewer identifying with the ad. This ad drives over 60% of product purchases for our beauty partner.

Overall, Ampush Analysts have found that when it comes to ecomm marketing on Pinterest, emphasizing helpfulness and how-to instructions relating to the product yields better delivery and performance than ads that explain the product’s value. However, ads that highlighted the product’s unique features and high-quality ingredients in the Pin description saw up to 72.5% higher conversion rates- signaling that a 1-2 approach to creative and copy is the best for reaching and then converting audiences.

Ampush Analysts also noted that despite the recent increase in Pinterest mobile app usage, they saw more conversions (and more efficient conversions at that), from desktop Pinterest users- over 1.4X more purchases!

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