How We Helped An Ecomm Brand Connect to New Customers on Instagram

How We Helped An Ecomm Brand Connect to New Customers on Instagram

By Diana Mackie • June 21, 2016

Instagram is a great platform for visual brands, and it was a particularly great fit for one of our partners, Framebridge, who’s custom framing services includes a from-your-Instagram-to-frame offering. As a relatively new start-up, Framebridge wanted to attract new, loyal customers. Framebridge hoped to drive offline conversions and find customers with high lifetime value. Framebridge also wanted to create high performing ads tailored to Instagram’s audiences and platform. For all these reasons, they came to Ampush.

Ampush’s in-house Creative Team worked closely with Framebridge to develop Instagram ads that would resonate with their target audience and look great in a viewer’s Instagram feed. Our Creative Team then used performance data from live, on-going campaigns to produce creative iterations and new ad designs based on the ad elements that were driving the most engagement.

Ampush’s AMP platform allows our Media Analysts to take a highly customized approach to matching ads to audiences, a tactic we’ve found to improve both performance and efficiency.

For Framebridge’s Instagram campaign launch, Ampush Media Analysts designed two unique user journeys based on whether or not an Instagram user had previously visited the Framebridge website. Each user journey was then further divided into a total of four audience types depending on how recently they had last seen Framebridge’s ads or website (learn more about website custom audiences).

Ampush Analysts successfully managed the funnel path and conversions of both user journeys. This simultaneous, two-pronged audience strategy allowed Ampush to create an efficient sales funnel for Framebridge that, at a low cost, would ultimately bring all users full circle from brand awareness to successful customer conversion.

Download our Framebridge case study to see how we designed ads with a .96% click-through rate and decreased the cost of acquiring a new customer by 70.5%.