Facebook Desktop App Ads Boost ROI & Conversion Rates [DATA]

Facebook Desktop App Ads Boost ROI & Conversion Rates [DATA]

February 18, 2014

App developers rejoice! Desktop app ads, the desktop version of Facebook’s highly successful Mobile App Ads, are driving crazy good results.

In a recent Ampush campaign run through the AMP 2.0 marketing platform, the client saw a 161% return on investment, 363% higher conversion rate, and 63% lower CPI with desktop app ads.

Launched this past December, desktop app ads offer app makers a way to deliver targeted app install ads to their audience where they are most engaged – in the News Feed. Desktop app ads feature a strong call to action, “Install now” or “Use Now,” and a prominent image to attract users’ attention and prompt them to download the app.

Seeing the immediate value for app makers, Ampush quickly and successfully implemented the ads for a popular television network that wanted to promote a Facebook desktop gaming app based upon one of the network’s most popular series. The network’s goal was to acquire quality users, outside of the established fan base, who were inclined to spend money on desktop games and virtual goods.

Ampush initially used AMP 2.0 to roll out Photo Page Post ads while also testing the new desktop app ad unit, but soon converted all ads to desktop app ads after seeing that the new ad unit improved ROI significantly from 17% to 161%.

Daniel Lee, Media Analyst at Ampush notes, “The introduction of desktop app ads compared to previous ad units was like night and day. By leveraging lookalike audiences with desktop app ads, we were able to significantly exceed client expectations in terms of ROI while maintaining strong conversion rates at a low cost.”

And the positive campaign results didn’t stop at increased ROI. The desktop app ads also had a 363% higher conversion rate when compared to Photo Page Post Ads and 63% lower Cost Per Impression compared to Page Post Link ad units.

This ad unit is highly recommended for desktop app developers looking to increase their users on Facebook. Contact us to learn more about how this ad unit can work for your campaigns.