Enhance Your Lead Nurturing Strategy with Facebook Ads

Enhance Your Lead Nurturing Strategy with Facebook Ads

By Elad Mehl • July 29, 2016

User shopping behavior, and digital behavior overall, is increasingly shifting to mobile and app usage- are your retargeting and lapsed user campaigns keeping pace? Ampush recommends our partners supplement their traditional lead nurturing strategy and retargeting efforts with Facebook advertising to effectively reach their lapsed audience, create a richer experience, and capture more conversions!


Reaching Your Audience:

Today’s consumers are spending more time on Facebook than they are in their inboxes. According to Mary Meeker’s most recent Internet Trends report, average time spent with digital has increased to 5.6 hours per day. Facebook’s research indicates that 20% of all time spent on mobile is spent in either Facebook or Instagram apps. comScore has also found that time on mobile amongst 18-30 years olds is overwhelming spent in social networking apps.

Brands that expand their traditional lead nurturing strategy (emailing) to include Facebook dramatically increase the likelihood of reaching their target audience.  Ampush helps partners reformat their collateral for Facebook ad units, whether it’s a message about items left in the cart or a discount to encourage the lapsed user to complete the transaction. Ampush’s partners also note added benefits from being “early to market” in retargeting lapsed users on Facebook, as it’s still an uncommon tactic.


A Rich User Experience

Traditionally, when a user is logged into a brand’s site but does not complete the purchase, brands initiate a drip email sequence to try to close the lead. They’ll send emails reminding the customer to return to their cart to complete the purchase, sometimes even offering discounts to facilitate a conversion.
Ampush typically suggests one (or a combination of) three lead nurturing strategies for lapsed users using Facebook retargeting:

  1. Sequential Lead Nurturing. For brands with very high lapsed user email open rates or older audiences (for whom email is still a popular mode of communication), they should create a sequential user experience where Facebook placements complement and even play off of the email to lapsed users.
  2. Strategic Targeting & Testing. Facebook’s highly specific audience targeting allows brands to upload CRM lists and then target just the highest-value cart abandoners. Ampush Analysts are able to determine which copy, offer, or creative strategy is most effective at converting these users via rapid and predictive A\B testing, which cannot be done via email analytics.
  3. Ensuring Reach. Ampush Analysts upload CRM lists of lapsed users who did not open the lead nurture email sent by our partners to ensure the retargeting message reaches them. This tactic is quite common for younger audiences who use email less reliably than their older counterparts.


More Conversions & Greater ROAS

Recently, Ampush improved the cost per acquired customer (CPA) by over 20% using a combination of these strategies for an e-commerce subscription service partner.  These retargeted audiences had 2.8x lower CPMs than other retargeting initiatives.  Adding this lead nurturing strategy to our partner’s Facebook operations increased their total retargeted audience reach by 36%.


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