Financial Services Advertising: Product or Lifestyle Imagery?

Financial Services Advertising: Product or Lifestyle Imagery?

By Ryan Veling & Claire Baum • September 2, 2016

Financial Services TV placements typically take the route of vacation getaways (from your points), guilt-free shopping sprees (you’re earning points), and exciting future plans (with the right finance management plan)- but does this work on the new frontier of advertising: Facebook? Ampush’s team of data-crunching Analysts recently took this financial services creative strategy for a spin. Read on to learn more about how we advise our financial service partners to let the data lead their Facebook strategies.

For Financial Services brands running direct response campaigns, Ampush Analysts recently noted that the creative strategy that drives the strongest performance is much more straightforward than the tv ads of yesteryear. Across our portfolio of major Financial Services partners, we see strong performance from minimalist product imagery over lifestyle imagery- across all age groups. During a recent data analysis, we found that simple product imagery CTR outperformed CTR for lifestyle imagery by nearly 30%.

Our data further notes that the preference for simple product imagery is strongest amongst audiences 55+. In this category, product imagery CTR was nearly 43% higher than lifestyle imagery. Millennials, meanwhile, only preferred product imagery over lifestyle imagery by 14%. The margin of preference for product imagery increased with each age bracket we looked at.

With in-house industry research such as this, our Financial Services partners are able to confidently go against the grain with their Facebook creative strategy. Adopting this unique approach to Financial Services creative strategy gives brands an extra boost by having their ads stand out within the Facebook feed. Ampush Analysts and our AMP software keep an eye on trending performance, so once this creative strategy begins to fatigue, we’ll be ready with the next rising trend in Financial Services advertising.


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