Five Years Strong: A Thank You From Ampush

Five Years Strong: A Thank You From Ampush

By Ampush Founders • October 23, 2014

This month marks the five year anniversary from when we embarked on a journey to start Ampush! It’s quite an understatement to say that being here today is a dream come true. What’s more is that we can’t remember a time when we were more excited about the future of Ampush, and the industry we are helping to shape.

Like any fledgling company, we have experienced ups and downs, fits and starts, and a significant amount of change in our business, and within our industry. In just the past two years, we pivoted our business to focus on in-feed advertising, grew spend running through our AMP platform by over 10X, and became one of the leading marketing partners for mobile and performance advertisers. And while we have grown, the one thing that has never changed (and will never change) is our commitment to delivering world class products and solutions built around media performance, insights, and service that help our customers grow.

As we look to the next five years, we wanted to double down on our mission and refine our brand as if we were to start Ampush again, today. This moment marks the launch of our new identity. We’ve updated our logo, rebuilt our website, and focused our offering to better align with the direction we are heading with our customers: up and to the right. We hope you enjoy the updated look, feel, and business strategy it represents.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank everyone here at Ampush. Our team is second to none and is over 100 entrepreneurs strong. They bring their “A” game every day, and have built Ampush into what it is today.

We believe that mobile native advertising will become as critical as any other media channel that exists today. We could not be more excited for what lies ahead as we aim to build Ampush into the leading cross-platform mobile ad solution.

Thank you to all our partners, friends and most importantly, our customers.



Jesse, Nick, and Chris