Going Deeper with Likely Traveler Targeting

Going Deeper with Likely Traveler Targeting

By Conner Cole • October 10, 2016

Ampush Analysts leverage Facebook’s targeting options and our own outside-of-the-box strategy and data analysis to connect our travel partners to the Facebook users that are most likely to convert and be valuable, long-term customers.


Targeting Ideal Customers

Any travel marketer who’s advertised on Facebook knows that there are a lot of travel-specific targeting options available; from interests in different airlines, hotels, and apps to behavior-based segments of different kinds of frequent travelers. In addition to leveraging Facebook’s “away from hometown” and “away from family” targeting groups to hone in on likely travelers, Ampush Analysts take this strategy one step deeper to better understand the user journey and experience of these audiences. Ampush markets to our travel partners’ “away from hometown” and “away from family” audiences in the following, more meaningful ways:

  1. Reach likely holiday travelers that aren’t captured in travel-specific segments
    People who don’t travel enough to be classified as a frequent traveler and don’t exhibit travel interests on Facebook are still likely to be heading back home for the holidays. Adding in this segment increases scale of our partner’s holiday campaigns.
  2. Focus on people traveling for family-related reasons
    Many travel products & services are tailored for certain types of travelers: business, leisure, family, etc. For brands that have a strong desire to reach those traveling for family-related reasons or as a larger family group, this segment can be an effective target by itself or when paired with other relevant interests & behaviors. Individuals purchasing tickets for their family unit are inherently of a higher value than users purchasing tickets or booking rooms for simply themselves. Family visits can also be somewhat regular, contributing to the high LTV nature of this audience segment.
  3. Indication of a more independent user persona
    Our partner identified one of their top user persona as a “strong, independent traveler”. Among the various audience targeting available via Facebook’s API and our AMP platform, Ampush Analysts have noted that a user moving away from their family or hometown has a strong correlation with our partner’s psychographic profile of an independent individual.


A Valuable Intersection of Interests

Ampush Analysts are also able to take audience targeting focused on “away from family” or “away from hometown” to a deeper level via conjunctive interest targeting, or layering interest targeting on top of these segments for a more granular segment of the audience.

For example, users who are “away from family” who also have high levels of income and are technology early adopters are much more likely to consider certain travel partner services & apps and are also likely higher value customers.


Creative & Copy That Converts

Ampush Analysts test creative and copy to determine which offers and imagery result in the strongest performance for this audience group.

Creative and copy are adjusted throughout the year, particularly during peak travel periods for visiting family, such as the holidays or around major life events such as engagements. Customized copy, tailored to a Facebook user’s personal experience drives increased conversions over generic messaging.



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