Harnessing The Promotional Power of Contests for an Insurance Brand

Harnessing The Promotional Power of Contests for an Insurance Brand

By Michael Lucas • August 15, 2016

Insurance marketing has seen plenty of innovation over the years: from the use of cute animals as a spokesperson to the increased use of humor (e.g. Flo and Mayhem). At Ampush, we’re always looking out for the next opportunity to try something new and innovate, which led us to a recent out-of-the-box idea for one of our Insurance partners: a sweepstakes contest! Contests are a common marketing tactic amongst traditional consumer brands as they consistently prove themselves effective at increasing a brand’s digital fanbase (Facebook Likes) and engaging target audiences by generating a great deal of “first clicks”, i.e. top of the funnel interactions. Positive brand engagement leads to more positive brand health, and we believed this would also be the case for one of our Insurance brand partners. Read on to see how we harnessed the promotional power of contests for one of our Insurance brand partners to drive increased brand awareness and new customers!


Setting Up The Contest for Maximum Exposure

Ampush collaborated with our insurance partner to run a Super Bowl-themed competition where 16 participants would each win $50,000 during the game and a grand prize winner would win $250,000 after the game. Contestants entered by in a two-fold manner: tweeting, or retweeting the specified promotional hashtag and following the brand’s Twitter account (great for building the fanbase, and this is also required for the brand to contact contest winners).
Twitter was an ideal platform thanks to the promotional power of their hashtag — which groups all interactions together for more collective power. The contest hashtag trended nationally, and was the second most trending topic on Twitter, even outpacing “#superbowl”!

Ampush Analysts ensured the contest would gain initial traction by utilizing Twitter’s Event Targeting feature to tap directly into the most engaged Super Bowl audiences on Twitter as well as Twitter’s hashtag feature to amplify engagement in a collective fashion, capture exposure as a trending hashtag, and to help build momentum for the contest.


Effects of Contest Engagement

To rise as a trending topic on Twitter, Ampush analysts prioritized our partner’s Super Bowl campaigns that were particularly strong in terms of CPM and Cost Per ReTweet (CPRT). Efficient CPMs helped our partner’s tweets be seen by a larger audience which increased organic engagement, allowing analysts to significantly increase scale. By maximizing these reach and efficiency opportunities, we pushed up the scale of our partner’s campaign by 200x in just five days. At its peak, Ampush’s hashtag sweepstakes promotion for our partner generated 9,000 Tweets a minute!

The campaign also led to our partner becoming the most-mentioned brand on Twitter during the Super Bowl (according to Amobee brand Intelligence), capturing 3x more mentions than the next most mentioned brand, who did have a prime-time Super Bowl Ad.

The promotional benefits of the Super Bowl campaign saw some long lasting implications, with 5% lower cost-per-quotes, accelerated delivery due to increased eCTR, and weekly average impressions up ~37% in the five weeks following the SB campaign.


As we can see, leveraging contests & sweepstakes during a major event is a great way to maximize brand exposure and promote a more positive brand identity with consumers. The effects of campaigns like these can not only rival the brand effects of traditional media spots, but the positive brand experience can be the gift that keeps on giving, providing incremental performance improvements to your direct response metrics as well.