How a Luxury Retailer Increased Online Sales 50% with Ampush

How a Luxury Retailer Increased Online Sales 50% with Ampush

July 22, 2014

When we think about selling on Facebook, we often think smaller purchases like 99 cent apps or, at most, a $40 Groupon deal normally twice the price (three nights in a romantic Hawaiian bungalow complete with bottomless tiki drinks? Yes, please!)

But a personal high-tech spin bike equipped with a cloud-based console for instructional video streaming costing $2000? Not the first thing that comes to mind as an instant seller on a social network.

Cutting edge fitness technology company Peloton Cycle came to Ampush with just this challenge – to help them quickly generate online and brick-and-mortar sales for their products.

The Ampush experts tapped into the AMP platform and experience optimizing campaigns for other e-commerce brands to create a mobile strategy tailored to drive sales of luxury goods on Facebook.

Ampush combined the following strategies to achieve measurable goals established by Peloton:

  • Video Ads. Since the user can’t physically try the product, video offered an interactive alternative, allowing the user to see the product in action.
  • Re-targeting. Ampush tapped into Peloton’s website data to create and retarget Custom Audiences of highly interested individuals.
  • Rigorous testing. Using the AMP platform, Ampush set up algorithms that optimized for high performing segments, resulting in the identification of known and covert groups of high performing segments. Variations of creative were tested across audience to determine the best fit for each group.

So did anyone buy the bike? You bet they did.

With the help of Ampush, Peloton Cycle drove 50% more checkouts at a 45% lower CPA than the established benchmark set by the Peloton in-house team. This resulted in a 50% decrease in cost per check out and a ROAS of 150%.

For online retailers with highly specific, and generally smaller target audiences, Ampush combines powerful tools, with measurement and data at their core, and unmatched in-house strategy to drive sales of luxury items at scale on mobile.

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