How We Maximize Holiday Campaigns for Our Partners

How We Maximize Holiday Campaigns for Our Partners

By Diana Mackie & Ali Vivinetto • February 10, 2016

Are your direct response campaigns missing out on the full potential of each customer, or potential customers all together? Don’t focus your marketing messages too narrowly when it comes to gift-giving holidays- consumer gifting habits are very diverse and often include numerous recipients!


Address Diverse Shopping Habits

According to the National Retail Federation, 59% of Valentine’s Day gifters will be shopping for family members other than their significant other, 20% will be shopping for their children’s classmates or teachers, and 19% will be browsing for gifts for their pets. The average total amount spent on Valentine’s day gifts is predicted to be $142.31 per consumer, and only $87 of that will be spent on significant others. By running narrow targeting for holiday campaigns, an advertiser could be missing out on nearly 40% of that customer’s potential spend!

Many DR advertisers focus too narrowly and target only one dimension of gift-giving. Ampush’s Media Analysts maximize the holiday campaigns of our partners by identifying new customers (people shopping for their kid’s teacher) and expanding the lifetime value (LTV) of our partner’s usual customers (flowers for your wife, your mother, and your sister). We realize the individual’s full potential value as a customer and the full potential scope of our partners’ products as gifts!

Catering your messaging for diverse shopping habits doesn’t have to be hard! Our in-house Design Team takes a primary gifting campaign and quickly produces several different creative iterations targeted to the diverse needs and interests of your target audience(s). Then, Ampush’s AMP platform quickly runs numerous campaign tests, allowing analysts to quickly determine the viability of numerous variants such as gifts for teachers vs gifts for classmates.
Once the highest performing options are determined, Ampush analysts quickly flip our AMP platform into high gear to enable our top brands to run a large number of campaigns at once. This ensures our partners are promoting every angle, while maintaining the same control and focus of a single dedicated campaign.

Don’t forget- considering your audience’s diverse shopping habits extends beyond the holidays as well. Google reports that nearly 40% of baby product purchasers actually live in households without children!


Increasing Your Brand’s Gifting Potential

Our top performing holiday campaigns use specific messaging and imagery to call out the diverse gifting potential of our partners’ products. Aided by our in-house Design Team, we work with our partners to run imagery of their products in a gift-wrapped box or featuring the product in a holiday setting (such as a romantic dinner table or with holiday elements like Easter Bunnies) to help the viewer make the “gift” connection for the product. As holidays approach, we update the ad copy to remind users of holiday shipping deadlines and upcoming events to drive action.

Ampush’s rule-based optimization platform allows us to run a large number of campaign variants to cover the many different ways someone may gift your product. If our tests determine strong interest for numerous gifting angles, our AMP platform and analysts will run campaigns for all of them to maximize the potential profits for your brand for the holiday!