Driving Increased Engagement with Boomerang

Driving Increased Engagement with Boomerang

By Anna Parmelee • September 23, 2016

In an industry dominated by legacy marketing tactics, we help one of our Financial Services partners run a social-first creative strategy, meaning unique assets created specifically for use on Facebook, Instagram and other top “social” platforms. Ampush Analysts leveraged our AMP technology to help our partner craft an innovative and data-backed creative strategy centered on new and exciting Instagram ad formats like Boomerang.

Boomerang Performance

In a recent campaign centered on getting users to leverage a mobile payment app in order to enter a music contest, four Boomerang creative assets decidedly out-performed other video and static units. They saw 21% more impressions, an 81% higher engagement rate at an 86% lower cost-per-engagement (CPE).

Campaign KPIBoomerang Average vs Non-Boomerang Creative Averages
Impressions                                                   32.7% more
Reach                                                   35.6% more
Engagement rate                                                   3.5X more
Cost-per-engagement                                                   9.75 less
Link clicks                                                   2nd highest drive of clicks
Cost-per-link click                                                   14% lower
Video views                                                   78% more
Cost-per-video-view                                                   33% lower
Video conversion rate                                                   68x higher



Boomerang Creative Best Practices

Thanks to our AMP platform’s rapid creative testing abilities, Ampush Analysts are able to quickly determine which Boomerangs are driving the strongest performance for our partner. Our in-house Creative Team is able to analyze campaign performance data and identify the most impactful design elements of top performing creative assets.

The top performing Boomerang featured instructions for entering a contest to win VIP tickets. Contest promotions reliably drive strong engagement rates. The next highest performing creative featured a well-known band jumping around on stage.

Ampush Analysts instructed our partner and their agency that Boomerangs look and perform best when they appear more “native” than ad. This means focus on visually appealing elements, not messaging or overt branding. Ampush Analysts advised our partner to focus on experiences, such as the band, the crowd, or creative angles and shots.

Ampush noted that Boomerangs featuring action tend to drive the most audience engagement.