Instagram Creative Strategy: Go Against the Grain

Instagram Creative Strategy: Go Against the Grain

By Vansh Talwar & Stephen Young • August 12, 2016

Despite the recent release of video-centric Instagram Stories, the primary Instagram feed remains largely filled with still images. Many brands quickly noted the high quality/high production value of most Instagram images and tailored their own Instagram creative strategy accordingly. Meanwhile, Ampush took the exact opposite approach for one partner’s Instagram creative strategy and drove performance for a food subscription service brand by standing out. Read on to see how going against the grain really paid off.


Be Bold

Our advertising partner sells prepackaged, healthy snacks. Naturally, their ads would be most relevant to the foodie community on Instagram and would be viewed amidst other food content. While the highly produced, rapid speed cooking videos are viral on Facebook, the food content category on Instagram is particularly photo intense and of high production value. Not only are most #foodie or #foodporn posts static images, but the vast majority are still photographs, complete with styled background settings. Based on these two trends, Ampush Analysts theorized that going against the grain would help our partners’ ads stand out in the feed, leading to increased engagement, conversions, and efficiency.

Ampush’s In-house Creative Team matched fun, colorful, wallpaper- equse graphic backgrounds with our partner’s food items overlaid. The bright colors and patterns of the ads immediately catch one’s eye as you skim the feed. The posts depicting our partner’s food stands out from the more typical photography style of Instagram posts.

Ampush Analysts worked with the Creative Team to determine and then feature the snack items that resonated most with the foodie community on Instagram: trending food items like sriracha or seasonal snacks like pineapple. Ampush Analysts also maintain a feel for the types of images that dominate the search terms and hashtags most often utilized by our partner’s campaign. This ensures the creative strategy of “standing out” remains current.


Reap The Rewards

The against-the-grain images have a 28% higher CTR and a 40.5% higher conversion rate than our partner’s more traditional static images, This strategy has driven an increase in orders and allowed Ampush to increase the scale of our subscription food service partner by 2.7x.