Instagram User Acquisition for a Tech Services Brand

Instagram User Acquisition for a Tech Services Brand

By Gabe Byrne • August 5, 2016

When a prominent Tech Services brand came to us to help them drive free trials from social Ampush knew that clearly conveying their product’s value prop would be crucial to lower Instagram user acquisition costs. As our partner branding included clever and witty messaging, Ampush identified Instagram as being a great fit, in addition to the king of user acquisition platforms, Facebook.


Ampush Analysts helped our partner incorporate video into their marketing mix as they’d seen positive performance from other the video ads of our other tech service partners (higher engagement rates and conversion rates). Ampush has found that video is great at conveying a a product’s value prop as well as product usage (in- app shots, functionality shots, etc). This quickly brings viewers up to speed on what the product is, how they might use it, and how it can make their lives better.

Ampush Analysts have also found that video units tend to see higher engagement levels on Instagram than static images. To make this new Instagram marketing strategy easy for our partner to deploy, Ampush’s In-House Creative Team helped reformat and edit our partner’s existing photos and videos for maximum Instagram appeal. Ampush’s Creative Team and Media Analysts work hand-in-hand to measure, analyze, and implement different creative strategies to find exactly the right imagery for our partner’s target audience.


The results? Better ROAS, lower CPAs, and increased conversion rates on video placements. Want to learn more about this successful free trial campaign? Download our Tech Services User Acquisition Case Study or get in touch with us today!