Ampush’s Take: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Ampush’s Take: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

By Ali Vivinetto • June 10, 2016

Each year, Mary Meeker of KPBC releases her Internet Trends Report as the definitive guide to what’s happening in digital. The scope is vast — everything from global internet usage trends to re-imagining the future of transportation — and the content is incredibly relevant to all eCommerce marketers. Since her full report is 213 slides this year, we’ve pulled out the most relevant digital advertising trends and insights for our partners:


1. The opportunity on mobile continues to grow

  • Advertisers are still over-indexing on “legacy media” channels like print, radio, and TV
  • There is still a $22 billion opportunity for mobile placements in the US
    • 25% of consumers media consumption is happening on mobile, but only 12% of ad spend is allocated to this placement

Ampush’s take: With most of mobile time spent going to apps such as Facebook, we find Facebook to be the most effective and efficient native acquisition channel.

digital advertising trends time spent with mobile

2. Online video ads are still far from perfect

  • 81% of users are still muting video ads, 62% are annoyed with, or put off by, brands forcing pre-roll viewing, and 93% would consider using an ad blocking software
  • The report recommends that video ads should be authentic, entertaining, relatable, useful, and non-interruptive to efficiently convert new users.

Ampush’s take: There is always a ramp up curve with any new format, and video ads can still be very hit or miss. We always suggest testing video in our campaigns, since we have seen some tremendous success across several verticals including e-commerce, mobile gaming, and food subscription services. We’ve found that styling video assets to effectively convey their message, even without sound, greatly contributes to increasing conversation rates and engaging rather than annoying consumers.


3. Millennials are a powerful buying demographic

  • Millennials are represent 27% of the US population, making them the largest generation yet
  • Their spending power is on the rise and is predicted to grow in the next 10-20 years
  • Generation Z (ages 1-20) are even more screen-savvy than Millennials, and communicate mostly through image services like Snapchat

Ampush’s take: Millennials are a powerful demographic and native advertisers need to embrace the platforms on which they spend most of their time. Companies looking to reach these users should consider expanding ad placements to younger-skewing channels like Pinterest and Instagram.


4. The lines between brands, retailers, and products are blurring

  • New direct-to-consumer distribution models are changing the way consumers purchase goods online
  • The line between physical retailers and e-commerce is blurring as well as retailers build better tech and digitally-native brands build brick and mortar stores

Ampush’s take: As traditional brands make moves in the digital space, Ampush has adopted new tactics for our e-commerce partners: hyper-targeted campaigns and highly-personalized messages to connect with potential users. Channels like Facebook continue to provide a platform for product discovery that is hard to replicate on more traditional channels.

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