The Click-Through Experience: Ampush’s Approach To Landing Pages for Facebook Ads

The Click-Through Experience: Ampush’s Approach To Landing Pages for Facebook Ads

By Emily Gates • October 7, 2016

Ampush Analysis and Engineers take a thorough, data-driven approach to mapping the user journey for each of our partners. Our testing has revealed that the user journey, and a user’s behavior, from Facebook ad to landing page is unique from other landing page experiences, such as from search or email. For one of our e-comm partners, we improved CR by 37% for their landing pages for Facebook by applying several key learnings from our A|B testing. Read on to learn what landing page elements matter most in converting Facebook ad audiences.


Landing Page User Flow

Ampush Analysts found that when traffic originates from Facebook Ads, users prefer a similar look and feel to the Facebook ad; familiar color schemes and wording (check out a case study on this finding). Analysts also found that landing pages that allowed users to populate fields with their Facebook log-in had higher mid-funnel (sign ups) and down-funnel (purchases) conversion rates.


Form Testing

To further improve our partner’s landing pages for Facebook, Ampush Analysts also tested which specific fields could be eliminated to improve conversions, following general landing page best practices of streamlining form fields. Ampush found that removing the zip code field yielded the most significant increase in mid-funnel and down-funnel conversion rates.


Load Time

Facebook users have higher (faster!) expectations for page load time than other landing pages audiences (e.g. search or email). Ampush’s team of in-house engineers took our e-comm partner’s original landing page design and re-created the page with more efficient and “cleaner” coding as well as compressed imagery to help improve page load time by 20%. Ampush specializes in mobile website design, which was particularly beneficial to our e-comm partner as 60% of their traffic and customers comes from mobile. As expected, this improved the pages’ conversions by 26%. Additionally, as the Ampush-owned landing pages are maintained and monitored by Ampush’s Engineering Team, bugs or page issues are noted immediately as our landing page conversion metrics are constantly monitored.