MasterCard Reaches 12 Million People in 4 Days with Facebook Ads

MasterCard Reaches 12 Million People in 4 Days with Facebook Ads

January 16, 2014

MasterCard’s Priceless Cities program offers cardholders access to handpicked experiences and offers in their home cities and around the world, including exclusive access to concerts, restaurants, museums, and sporting events. As part of MasterCard’s efforts to continually provide cardholders with the most unique and memorable experiences, the financial services company recently expanded its Priceless Cities program to include “Priceless Premieres,” offering cardholders exclusive access to intimate musical performances.

Among other online and offline promotional efforts, MasterCard saw the opportunity to share the news of the expansion and exclusive offers with Facebook’s 1.15 billion users; a move that could drive further interest in Priceless Cities offers, and expand the company’s existing social audience through deep engagement and increased Facebook fans.

MasterCard partnered with Ampush to develop and execute a Facebook advertising program that would help achieve these social goals and successfully complement the additional online and offline promotional efforts for the event.

“In the dynamic Facebook environment, it’s important to stay ahead of continued evolutions,” noted JR Badian, VP Digital Marketing and Social Media at MasterCard. “The best way to do that is by anticipating these changes and leveraging data-driven insights across creative, placement, and personalization to meet our marketing goals and maximize our investment.”


Two primary goals were established to align with MasterCard’s marketing objectives:

  • Drive interest in Priceless Cities and Priceless Premieres offers
  • Expand MasterCard’s existing social audience through deep engagement and increased Facebook fans


Using the AMP 2.0 platform, Ampush created and executed a four-day Facebook advertising promotional flight centered around Page Post Photo Ads featuring captivating images optimized for engagement. Ads were delivered to targeted users’ mobile and desktop News Feeds – the most effective location for ads on Facebook. The flexibility of Ampush’s platform allowed MasterCard to rapidly scale a multi-day Facebook effort to complement the offline promotion of Priceless Premieres.


Overall, the campaign drove both awareness and registration among Facebook users through real-time optimization of mobile and desktop News Feed, while reducing the average cost per fan. Campaign highlights include:

  • 122% Above Benchmark Engagement Rate set for Facebook campaign
  • 12MM People Reached during 4-day special promotion flight
  • Greatest Volume of Registrations generated of all marketing channels


Mobile ads in the News Feed with eye-catching visuals continue to prove highly effective for driving engagement and eliciting actions from Facebook users – especially when time is of the essence.