How Top Brands Can Maximize Performance On Pinterest

How Top Brands Can Maximize Performance On Pinterest

By Hayley Lafleche • December 2, 2015

With 100+ million active monthly users, Pinterest is a great platform for top brands to leverage to drive performance. Pinterest users come to the site to research, plan, and be visually entertained- they are more ready to take action than users of other popular platforms. Pinterest can be used to drive branding initiatives, website traffic, or actual purchases. According to Sephora, its Pinterest followers spend 15x more than their Facebook fans. As an official Pinterest Marketing Partner, here are some of the tactics that have driven the biggest performance boosts for our partners.


Two Opportunities To Reach Customers

Pinterest presents a unique opportunity for top brands because it allows for both demand creation and demand fulfillment. In addition to browsing their home feeds, Pinterest’s users also commonly use the search function to find pins. When approaching your call to actions or text overlays, consider both angles to increase conversions.

As an example, a user searching for family dinner recipes will be more likely to click a pin that says “10 minute family dinner recipes” over the more general “10 minute dinner recipes” description.

Ampush analysts utilize Pinterest’s search keyword targeting tool to match highly specific creative imagery tailored to the audience’s interests. The AMP platform makes managing a multitude of campaigns simple, allowing for numerous keyword search-focused campaigns to be A|B tested at one time.


Summarize The Story

Ampush analysts have found that pins that summarize “the story” ( be it recipe, beauty routine, or another “how to”) garner the most traction. Collage-style pins or long vertical pins are the best way to do this and stand out from the average single image pin.

Ampush’s in-house creative team optimizes pins in these two styles not only to find the most effective presentation style, but also to find the best combination of instruction overlays, whether that’s numbered steps or actual instructions.

Summary-style pins that focus on highlighting key steps with text overlays and descriptive body texted improved click-through-rates for one of our recent campaigns by over 400%.


Consider the Environment

Ampush analysts actually search for the targeted terms or phrases to note the common design elements already present. We then work with our in-house design team to create imagery that will stand out from the crowd. A common tactic is to opt for either a pin featuring several tiled images, on one bold image, depending on what is already present in the search results for that term. In a recent campaign, this imagery-focused tactic allowed us to scale campaign spending drastically while continuing to improve conversion rates.

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Hayley LaFleche is an Ampush Media Analyst, specializing in Pinterest campaigns. Hayley coxed on the varsity rowing team at the University of Virginia and was born and raised in NYC.