Successfully Launching a Media App on Facebook

Successfully Launching a Media App on Facebook

By David Lee • September 7, 2016

Apps are where it’s at these days.

Brands and developers continue to add enhancements and features, feeding the consumer preference for apps over mobile web experiences. From ordering food, finding an apartment, making travel arrangements, to yes, entertaining oneself, apps rein supreme. Recent studies have found that on average, US smartphone users use about 27 apps per month and spend over 37 hours and 28 minutes on those apps.

The app revolution particularly favors Entertainment & Media apps- Nielsen research found that the increase in time spent is being driven by this category.

Ampush recently leveraged industry expertise and data along with our extensive experience running mobile app install campaigns to help one of our entertainment partners successfully launch their media app on Facebook.


Knowing The Audience

Our Media/Entertainment teams always become experts in our partner’s brand and audience- a tried and true tactic we consistently deploy for success. Over the duration of our partnership with this media brand, we collected many key learnings about their audience’s preferences which we were able to apply directly to the launch of their new app.

Key learnings include: creative performance, most resonant value props for high LTV users, and benchmarks for CPAs throughout the funnel. These learnings can help us identify new platforms, targeting strategies, and creative imagery for our partner.

Ampush Analysts enhance our knowledge of our partner’s audience, and how to most effectively market to them, by utilizing Facebook’s advanced Website Custom Audiences tool. Thanks to a recent Ampush integration (full features available only to FMPs), we can segment visitors to our media brands primary website by numerous factors, including exact page visited, duration of browsing session, and time since last visit. This allows us to retarget “warm leads” with customized messaging tailored to their unique place in the user funnel, or their specific interest with regards to our media partner’s content categories.

As an example, let’s say our partner covers topics 1-5 on their website and app. If a website viewer checked out numerous articles on topic 2, we’ll promote the availability of topic 2 (and more!) on the app to create a personalized experience that’s more likely to convert them to an app user.


Tried & Tested Creative Strategy

Ampush Analysts compare numerous creative strategies to determine overall audience preference and examine which creative elements resonate with potential app downloaders.

Ampush Analysts work closely with Ampush’s In-house Creative Team to create new ads based on the top performing creative themes. In a recent creative test, Ampush determined that for a top performing ad, comparing a small item to a grape drove better performance than comparing a small item to a pea, or a blueberry.

Ampush continually tests new possibilities and trends as they arise. During a recent 3 month period, we tested over 60 different creative options!


Ad Products That Work for Media Apps

Ampush Analysts combine our extensive app install campaign expertise with our Entertainment/Media industry knowledge to help guide our media partner’s creative strategy.

We’ve consistently found that video and carousel units engage viewers and do a great job of showcasing an app’s functionality and content. Video ad units, optimized for ideal length, had a CPA 32% lower than the benchmark for our partner’s top performing ads.