Ampush Helps National Brands Run Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Ampush Helps National Brands Run Personalized Marketing Campaigns

By Kevin Wyckoff • May 18, 2016

One of the biggest challenges for brands with a nationwide presence is executing effective personalized marketing campaigns at scale. Ampush overcame this challenge for one our partners, an e-ticketing brand. Much like franchise businesses, our partner is a global brand that needs to connect with customers on a hyper-local level with ads tailored to their interests. If we could create personalized ads in bulk, we’d be able to promote more of our partner’s extensive inventory of events and drive increased revenue. From our industry experience, we also knew that much could be gained by reacting quickly to real-time events that related to our partner’s inventory, such as an artist announcing new tour dates or results of the latest playoff game. Here’s how we crafted a unique approach to solving our partner’s unique business challenge.


Creating Personalized Ads in Bulk

Ampush Media Analysts combined forces with our Solutions Engineering team to build an AMP feature capable of sorting through 20 distinct variables to craft ads tailored to local markets, quickly and on a large-scale- the Bulk Uploader tool. This tech tool can automatically generate up to 300 ads at once with location-specific copy, campaign images, corresponding deep-linked landing pages, preset campaign end dates, and a campaign shut-off measure should an opportunity max out prior to the campaign end date, all via an API connection to the partner’s database. Within each geo, ads can be further tailored by interest, such as by sport, music genre, or style preference, for an even more personalized marketing campaign. To illustrate: this allows us to run campaigns for sporting events across the US and Canada specific to each local team’s fanbase, even when a region may have two local teams. Our Bulk Uploader tool also allows us to advertise the right genre of concert to the matching fanbase in each locality.

Thanks to the Bulk Uploader tool, we have promoted over 6,000 individual events across sports, concerts, comedy, theater, and flower shows and are now running campaigns in every major American city and for every major professional sports league. In one ticketing genre, basketball, we’ve increased the number of ads running in a single season by 80x via this tool and approach.


Always On Campaign Management

Nationwide brands can frequently experience impromptu and valuable real-time marketing opportunities specific to their individual local markets. Ampush’s fully managed offering and vertical-specific team structure allows us to quickly create ads and launch campaigns in a moment’s notice for our partners. This enables e-commerce brands to take advantage of every unexpected opportunity when interest, and sales opportunities, are at their highest. For our e-ticketing partner, its dedicated team of Media Analysts are able to launch a personalized marketing campaign by geographic region or audience interest in reaction to a musician announcing a tour in under 15 minutes. Unplanned, impromptu campaigns like these regularly make up over 15% of their Facebook campaigns.
Similarly, as campaign series such as the playoff season progress, Ampush analysts improve performance by tailoring new ad copy to capture the exciting evolving narrative to engage fans. This tactic yielded a 28% increase in engagement rate for a recent MLB campaign for our partner.


To learn more about the Ampush approach to crafting unique advertising solutions for our partners, drop us a line!